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Fall 2017

Fall class registration opens on August 7 for BIS students.  

The School of Continuing and Professional Studies may cancel, modify, or make substitutions for any published class or program, may change instructors, and may change the dates and times a class is offered. The information published here and in the catalog is subject to change.  For the most up-to-date and complete information, please use the SIS Class Search.  

BIS students should register in BIS classes. Classes outside of BIS are by permission of your advisor. Other students may register as Community Scholars for BIS classes with program permission. See class details for restrictions.

ISBU 3281 | ISHU 3281 | ISSS 3281: The Art of Public Speaking
Charlottesville | Thursdays, 7-9:45pm | Aug 24-Nov 30
Examines the five canons of the art of public speaking allowing students to learn and practice the skills needed to speak persuasively, confidently, forcefully, and  intelligibly to an audience.
Karen Hufford | 3 UG credits  

ISBU 3451: Fundamentals of Marketing
Online Synchronous | Tuesdays, 7-9:45pm | Aug 22-Dec 5
Introduction to marketing principles and activities in both profit and non-profit enterprises, from the conception of goods and services to their consumption. Participants study consumer behavior as well as ethical, environmental, and international issues in marketing.  Prerequisite: ECON 201 and 202 or equivalents, or instructor permission.
Bobby Beamer | 3 UG credits  

ISBU 3810 | ISHU 3810: Ethical Issues
Online Synchronous | Tuesdays, 7-9:45pm | Aug 22-Dec 5
Introduces the philosophical concept of the ethical discrimination of actions.  Examines primary sources in some detail by presenting prevailing philosophical systems.  Studies decision-making in the context of the contemporary world using examples such as business environment, faith and religion, and the political arena.
Luke Wright | 3 UG credits 

ISBU 4670: Organizational Change and Development
Alexandria | Tuesdays, 7-9:45pm | Aug 22-Dec 5
This course is designed to equip anyone who has a role to play in organizational change (employees and associates at all levels, supervisors and managers, information technology consultants, and a variety of organizational stakeholders) with the basic tools required to analyze change and its consequences.
Jill Guindon-Nasir | 3 UG credits

ISGE 3700: Financial Planning Strategies
Online Synchronous | Wednesdays, 7-9:45pm | Aug 23-Nov 29
Covers income, money management, spending, credit, saving, and investing.  Focuses on helping students organize their financial futures and expand their knowledge of various aspects of finance.
John Hulburt | 3 UG credits

ISHU 3183: Writing the Story of Your Life: Creative Nonfiction
TCC Virginia Beach | Thursdays, 7-9:45pm | Aug 24-Nov 30
Student learns how to bring together the imaginative strategies of fictional story telling with new ways of narrating true, real-life events. Explores how Creative Nonfiction writing allows you to share your stories in compelling ways, helps you write effectively in professional and personal situations, and provides new ways for you to document real-life experiences as they occurred.
David Horton | 3 UG credits  

ISHU 3305 | ISSS 3305: The Impact of Media on the Development of Popular Culture
NVCC Loudoun | Tuesdays, 7-9:45pm | Aug 22-Dec 5
Examines the media’s role in conveying cultural meaning through popular culture.  Analyzes the histories and theories underlying media and popular culture. Focuses on print, film, radio, television, the Internet and social media. Critiques contemporary popular culture through music, movies, TV programming, advertising, sports, fashion, celebrity culture, language and, collective public expression.
Robert Guttman | 3 UG credits  

ISHU 3456: History of Western Architecture from Antiquity to the Present
Online Synchronous | Tuesdays, 7-9:45pm | Aug 22-Dec 5
Examines the tradition of Western architecture from its inception in Greece and Rome to the present. Focuses on aesthetic, cultural, and political ideas framing the design, uses, and meanings of these celebrated buildings. Provides tools for visual analysis using a variety of methods from text analysis to visits of buildings.
Julia May | 3 UG credits  

ISHU 3902: Dance:  Origins, Ethnology, and Evolution
TVCC Virginia Beach | Wednesdays, 7-9:45pm | Aug 23-Nov 29
Examines how dance is the human expression of communication through movement.  Explores how dance is used as a universal language to express such things as emotion, entertainment, storytelling, or representation of religious or ritualistic ceremony.  Follows the history of dance, its origins, ethnology, and the evolution of dance to present day.
Sharen Mendoza | 3 UG credits 

ISHU 4010: Art in Society: Myth, Music, and Merriment
NVCC Loudoun | Fridays, 7-9:45pm | Saturdays, 10am-12:45pm | Aug 25-Nov 18 
In-person class dates: 8/25, 8/26, 11/17, 11/18.
On-line class dates: 9/8, 9/9, 9/22, 9/23, 10/6, 10/7, 10/20, 10/21, 11/3, 11/4.

Proposes to examine the history of western culture through the history of the performing arts beginning with plays of ancient Greece and ending with musicals of twentieth-century Broadwood and Hollywood.  Examines different works of art in order to discover what they can tell about the aspirations, fears, and basic conflicts of the societies from which they emerged.
Virginia Mosser | 3 UG credits 

ISHU 4120: The American Short Story: The Writer and Tradition
Richmond | Tuesdays, 7-9:45pm | Aug 22-Dec 5
This course examines the American short story from the perspective of the both reader and writer. Defining recurrent themes and conventions of the genre by reading major stories spanning the last 200 years of American literature, students explore the importance of tradition to the writer analytically in critical essays and experientially in their own short stories.
David Horton | 3 UG credits

ISIN 4510: Special Topics in Conduct of Inquiry: Social Sciences - The Atlantic World: 1500-1820
Online Synchronous | Tuesdays, 7-9:45pm | Aug 22-Dec 5
An interdisciplinary examination of exploration and colonization of the New World, 1300-1700, and the Africans, Europeans, and Native Americans who shaped it. Students will be introduced to and employ historical methodology and research, anthropology, and literary analysis in an examination of primary sources, literature, artifacts, and current scholarship to gain a deeper understanding of social sciences and the roots of our modern world.
David Corlett | 3 UG credits 

ISIN 4520: Special Topics in Conduct of Inquiry: Humanities - Renaissance to Radical Islam
Online Synchronous | Wednesdays, 7-9:45pm | Aug 23-Nov 29
Examines the “human” through works of drama, literature, philosophy, history and film. Explores the sub-theme of war to demonstrate how studying the ‘human’ exposes changing attitudes of Western Culture from the Renaissance through the twentieth century. Considers the transmission of ideas across cultures and historical periods, and how the traveling of texts through the press and translations contribute to the production of the “human.”
Luke Wright | 3 UG credits 

ISLS 3180: Possessing the Past
Charlottesville | Mondays, 7-9:45pm | Aug 28-Dec 4
This course explores various ways in which we seek to experience the past as if firsthand: through the treasuring of its relics, both private and public (souvenirs, heirlooms, exhibited artifacts); through the restoration and replication of structures and environments from the past (as at Williamsburg, Disneyland—or the UVA grounds); and through the fictional experiences offered by stories, novels, and movies set in the past.  Students will explore historical, psychological, and cultural contexts for these efforts, studying their similarities and differences, attempting to determine the sources and implications of this desire to re-live the past, and engaging some of the complex issues raised by that endeavor.  Throughout, the course will focus on sharpening the skills of analytical thinking and writing.
Kenny Marotta | 3 UG credits

ISLS 3360: The Role of Memory and The Human Condition
Online Synchronous | Mondays, 7-9:45pm | Aug 28-Dec 4
Focuses on the human condition and uses literature to examine the role of memory.
Charlotte Matthews | 3 UG credits

ISSS 3045: Science and Practice of Mindfulness
Online Synchronous | Thursdays, 7-9:45pm | Aug 24-Nov 30
Considers the latest scientific findings about the mind-body connection, offers students the opportunity to experience them through direct mindfulness meditative practices. Explores formal and informal mindfulness practices, the contextual background of mindfulness, and applies them to a variety of professions and settings. Covers a range of contemplative exercises that cultivate emotional balance and the ability to cope with stress.
Susanna Williams | 3 UG credits

ISSS 3150: Constitutional Law
TCC Virginia Beach | Tuesdays, 6-9pm | Aug 22-Dec 5
Introduces students to the study of constitutional law and provides a good grounding in the methods the U.S. Supreme Court uses to interpret our Constitution. Examines the generally accepted methods of constitutional analysis through in-depth studies of landmark cases both historical and contemporary. Lays an initial foundation in an overview of federal judicial, legislative and executive powers.
TBD | 3 UG credits

ISSS 3360: Making Sense of the News
NVCC Alexandria | Wednesdays, 7-9:45pm | Aug 23-Nov 29
Develops thoughtful and informed perspectives on some of the most intriguing news stories of our times. Examines aspects of current event topics. Students will have opportunities to share their discoveries and report their findings and judgments and discuss the relevant issues.
Robert Guttman | 3 UG credits 

ISSS 3416: Social Psychology
Charlottesville | Wednesdays, 7-9:45pm | Aug 23-Nov 29
Examines the field of social psychology, the scientific study of social influence and human relations and interaction. Focuses on the major theories, research findings and the application of social psychology methodologies. Discusses how people’s cognition, feelings, and behaviors are influenced by others.
Fan Gao | 3 UG credits

ISSS 3420: Human Thought and Behavior
Richmond | Mondays, 7-9:45pm | Aug 28-Dec 4 
In person class dates: 8/28 and 12/4. All other class dates held synchronously on-line.
Students will explore a variety of psychological topics in depth, from these major disciplines within psychology: Developmental, Social, Clinical, and Cognitive, and discuss their impact on the field of psychology and how they apply to behavior and life experience. Learning will be assessed by essay responses to questions posed from journal articles, book chapters, and class discussions and demonstrations.
Clair Berube | 3 UG credits

ISSS 3611: Cheap Eats: The Economics of the American Food Industry
Charlottesville | Tuesdays, 7-9:45pm | Aug 22-Dec 5
Examines the economic costs of food, including subsidies, production practices, ecological sustainability and health impacts; analyzes institutional factors contributing to potential market distortions in the food market system; evaluates the factors that characterize the current system such as the reliance on chemical pesticides and organic alternatives.
Andrew Wilson | 3 UG credits

ISSS 4000: The Experience of the Great War: Life and Literature
Online Synchronous | Thursdays, 7-9:45pm | Aug 24-Nov 30
Drawing on histories and literature, including autobiographies, poetry, and novels, this course focuses on the experiences and mentalities of those who fought in World War I, as well as those who remained on the home front. The realities and myths of the Great War are explored. An emphasis is placed on British, French, and German writings about the Western Front as well as some consideration of the fighting on the Eastern Front and in Turkey.
Ann Plunkett | 3 UG credits

ISSS 4420: Speaking with Numbers: The Effective Use of Statistics
Online Asynchronous | Available Aug 22-Dec 5
Provides a basis for evaluating the claims of others while also choosing the best analysis methods for supporting ideas. Examines how quantitative analysis can inform decisions, how to select the appropriate tools for the situation, how to interpret the results, and how to effectively communicate the results.
Diana Perdue | 3 UG credits

ISSS 4430: Topics in Developmental Psychology
Online Synchronous | Tuesdays & Thursdays, 12-1:15pm | Aug 22-Dec 5
Studies how psychological abilities grow and change over time. Introduces students to topics in both cognitive and social development. Addresses how we become who we are; how we learn to think about ourselves and our environments; how we learn to communicate; and how we relate to others.
Fan Gao | 3 UG credits

ISSS 4455: Social Inequality
Online Synchronous | Wednesdays, 7-9:45pm | Aug 23-Nov 29
This course explores systems of social inequality: feudalism, caste and slavery, class, and status groups, primarily in American society, but with reference to Europe and the Indian sub-continent as well. Starting with the fundamental concepts of Karl Marx and Max Weber, students will discuss the theoretical constructs that define systems of inequality, consider some historical examples, and then examine “social stratification” in our own country. Does the United States have a class system? If so, what are its characteristics?  Joining the scholarly debate on this issue, students will consider the meaning of equal opportunity and social mobility for achieving the “American dream.” The course also explores the empirical consequences of social inequality for every day life: in health and wellness, housing, education, and family structure.
Kathryn Wood | 3 UG credits

ISSS 4456: Russian-American Relations
Online Synchronous | Wednesdays, 7-9:45pm | Aug 23-Nov 29
Focuses on the post-1945 period and the evolution of Russian-American relations since the fall of the Soviet Union, through an interdisciplinary lens based on contributions from international relations scholars and practitioners as well as historians, economists, philosophers, and political psychologists in historical and contemporary perspectives.
Yuri Urbanovich | 3 UG credits