Current Term Classes - Procurement and Contracts Management - Graduate

Spring 2018

Class registration opens on December 1.

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PC 5010: Procurement Policy & Practices
Online Asynchronous* | Available Jan 17-May 1 | *Synchronous sessions TBD.
Covers all subchapters of the Federal Acquisition Regulation (FAR), providing an intensive review of practical technical, business and contractual issues that the government deals with in establishing and managing a federal contract. Topics include acquisition process, governmental acquisition plans, inspection and termination as well as some of the basics necessary for contracts and acquisition personnel.
Kenneth Buck | 3 GR credits | Required

PC 5060: Federal Acquisition Case Studies
Online Asynchronous* | Available Jan 17-May 1 | *Synchronous sessions TBD. 
Provides a basic understanding of the laws and principles of law that affect government contracting; various case scenarios dealing with ethical considerations; and an understanding of the changes as brought forth in FASA, FARA, and ITMRA. Prerequisite: PC 4020 or 5010.
James Rich | 3 GR credits | Required

PC 5070: Services Contracting
Online Asynchronous* | Available Jan 17-May 1 | *Synchronous sessions TBD.
Provides detailed explanations of the laws, regulations, and procedures during all stages of government services contracting including planning, solicitation, proposal development, evaluation, and contract administration. The course is designed for both experienced and novice contract administrators. The latest policies and regulations relating to services are presented.  Prerequisite: PC 4010 or 5010.
Michael Giboney | 3 GR credits | Elective

PC 5100: Advanced Contracting by Negotiation
Online Asynchronous* | Available Jan 17-May 1 | *Synchronous sessions TBD. 
The purpose of this course is to provide students with a detailed explanation of contracting by the negotiation method as provided in the current Federal Acquisition Regulation (FAR) Part 15. It provides for an intensive review of policy and procedures in contracting by negotiation.  Prerequisite: PC 4010 or equivalent.
John Ford | 3 GR credits | Required

PC 5140: Seminar in International Procurement
Online Asynchronous* | Available Jan 17-May 1 | *Synchronous sessions TBD. 
This seminar is designed to permit a study of current issues in public and private international procurement not covered in depth in the introductory courses of PC 4120 and PC 4170.  Initially, the class will examine and review relevant international business issues, and then each student will choose, with the approval of the instructor, a specific topic for research and writing.
Gladis Griffith | 3 GR credits | Elective

PSPM 5030: Introduction to Project Management
Online Asynchronous* | Available Jan 17-May 1 | *Synchronous sessions TBD.
Introduces students to the various aspects of the project life cycle and project management. Explores best practices and the application of these best practices for project success.
Edward Kropp | 3 GR credits | Elective