Faculty Teaching Guide



Expectations of Faculty

Covers teaching, academic/professional engagement, and how to be active in SCPS and University partnerships and programs.

Expectations for Online Classes

Includes information on online classroom management, course activities, and fundamentals for community building.

Self-Assessment to Teach Online

Helps gauge preparedness for online teaching.

Get Ready to Teach: Syllabus/Class Overview

Provides instructions on how to craft a syllabus according to SCPS guidelines and includes a SCPS syllabus template.

How to Create a Collab Course Site

Provides step-by-step instructions for how to develop a Collab Course Site.

Online Class Preparation Timeline

Outlines chronologically how to organize and implement an online course.

Policies, Procedures & Forms for Faculty

Includes policies and procedures for faculty and a variety of required forms.

SCPS Faculty Community Collab Site

Helps acclimate SCPS faculty to Collab and provides resources on faculty diversity initiatives, research and scholarship, school-wide and cross-Grounds collaboration, and teaching online to nontraditional adult learners.

Faculty Directory

Provides contact information for SCPS Program Directors and Faculty.



Getting Connected
Student Information System
UVACollab Portal

Provides instructions on establishing a UVA email account, connecting to Student Information System (SIS), and UVACollab and the UVACollab portal.

FAQ Online Learning

Provides a quick overview of frequently asked questions pertaining to online learning.

Minimum Requirements to Learn Online

Includes information on minimum standards for Email, document file formats, required computer hardware, technical support contacts, and network connectivity.

What You Should Know About Learning Online (for students)

Provides students with information about online learning, technical aspects, and how to request assistance.

Computer Check: Does it Meet SCPS Minimum Tech Requirements?

Illustrates how to determine minimum technical requirements for online teaching.

UVa Collab – Quick Start Guide

Provides step-by-step instructions for students on how to connect to Collab.

Blackboard Collaborate Quick Start Guide

Provides step-by-step instructions for students on how to connect to Blackboard Collaborate.

Using Digital Audio & Video in an Online Class: Benefits & Best Practices

Furnishes instructions on (and best practices of) the audio and video functions in an online course.

Netiquette – Ground Rules for Online Discussions

Provides tips for appropriate interpersonal behavior in the online learning environment.