Self-Assessment to Teach Online

Part I: Minimum Standards for Faculty to Teach Online

Email is the School's official means of communication with all SCPS faculty and students. All SCPS faculty members are required to establish a UVa Gmail account, to which all official UVA correspondence will be sent. Instructors should use their UVA Gmail account to correspond with their students and SCPS staff.

Document File Formats
Instructors should plan to create and use documents in their instruction that are easily viewable by their students. Since Microsoft Office is used extensively by SCPS students, formats that are readable by Office, Open Office, Google Apps and other document readers should be used. Adobe’s PDF format is widely used, therefore documents that should only be viewed without allowing editing or revision by students should be in PDF format. Faculty planning to use unusual document file formats should provide direction to students on where they can obtain free readers to view the documents or you should convert them to formats to which students have access.

Computer Hardware
At an absolute minimum, your laptop or desktop computer should have:

  • Minimum Operating System
    • Windows 7 SP1 (Professional preferred)
    • Mac OS X 10.8 or 10.9

Please note that at this time because of Microsoft legacy compatibility with University based systems, access to a Microsoft operating system through Bootcamp or a virtual solution such as VMWare Fusion may prove to be very valuable.

  • Minimum Processor Speed: Equivalent to an Intel Core 2 Duo (1.5 GHz)
  • Minimum RAM: 4 GB 
  • Minimum Hard Disk Space: 150 GB (Gigabytes) of free hard disk space (after all programs are loaded)
  • Networking Capability: Wireless networking (802.11g or n) and an Ethernet port 
  • Strongly Recommended Accessories
    • An Ethernet cable (Even if you will primarily use wireless, a wired connection is faster and more reliable for video-streaming, live online meetings, and large file uploads and downloads.)
    • A power surge protector
    • CD/DVD drive and/or “thumb” or flash drive(s), plus a backup storage mechanism

Network Connectivity
At an absolute minimum, your high speed network connection should be rated at 768 kbps download and 384 kbps upload speeds. We recommend at least1 megabit download and upload speed connections.

Part II - Faculty Self-Assessment for Teaching Online

SCPS is committed to creating quality programs and classes that promote lifelong learning for adult learners.  As you explore the opportunity to teach at SCPS, please take the time to answer the following questions to assess your readiness to teach online.

  1. Do you typically prepare and organize your course content well in advance(at least 45 days?) (y/n)
  2. Do you convey your instruction in writing as well as speaking? (y/n)
  3. Do you have experience preparing instruction with the use of online communication tools  such as e-mail and discussion forums? (y/n)
  4. Do you have experience preparing instruction with the use of online communication web conferencing (i.e. Elluminate, Adobe Connect, Go to Meeting)? (y/n)
  5. Have you taught online? (y/n)
  6. Have you had training to teach online? (y/n)
  7. Have you taken an online course? (y/n)

Thank you for taking the SCPS Self-Assessment for Teaching Online.