Set Up Your UVA Email Account

Email is the School's official means of communication with all SCPS faculty and students. You must establish a UVA email account before you can create a UVACollab site for your class, before posting your class overview and syllabus to UVACollab, and before you teach your first class. You must also establish a UVA email account prior to accessing the Student Information System (SIS) to retreive class rosters, post final grades, and more.  

Setting up a UVA email account requires you to:

  • Obtain your UVA Computing ID
  • Obtain your System Generated UVA Password
  • Establish access to your UVA email

Note:  University faculty are required to sign into University systems using NetBadge. NetBadge is a digital “badge” allowing access to protected resources for faculty and students on the UVA network, such as the Student Information System (SIS) and UVACollab. 

Whenever you are presented with a NetBadge Web Login, you will use your UVA Computing ID and System Generated UVA Password to gain access to these systems.

Please follow Steps 1-3 at

If you are a returning faculty member, contact UVA ISPRO Access Management at 434.924.0817 to reactivate your eservices account.

Still Need Assistance?

If you have trouble with any of these steps, please send an email to and explain your situation. This desk is staffed Monday-Friday, 8am-5pm.