Annual Course Schedule - BIS

The Bachelor of Interdisciplinary Studies (BIS) degree can be completed in 3.5 years by enrolling in 2 courses per term. The annual schedule is provided for general informational purposes and is subject to change. Please note that SCPS may cancel, modify, or make substitutions as deemed necessary in any given semester.

*3000-level ISLS, ISIN 4510, ISIN 4520, ISCP 3991 (Capstone 1) and ISCP 4991 (Capstone II), Business Concentration required course, ISSS and ISHU electives offered every semester

Required Business Course Rotation
Spring 2018: ISBU 3840 International Business
Summer 2018: ISBU 3410 Commercial Law
Fall 2018: ISBU 3610 Organizational Behavior
Spring 2019: ISBU 3710 Managerial Finance
Summer 2019: ISBU 3451 Marketing
(Fall 2019, rotation begins again with International Business)

Summer 2018

All Sites
ISCP 3991 Capstone I
ISCP 4991 Capstone II

ISBU 3410 Commercial Law
ISBU/ISSS 3422  Managing Your Emotions in the Workplace
ISHU/ISSS 3453  Food for Thought: An Exploration of the Way We Eat
ISHU 3500 Photography as Art
ISHU 4010 Art in Society: Myth, Music Merriment
ISHU/ISSS 4063 Hell’s Angel: How Hunter Thompson Kept Us Honest
ISHU 4350 The Films of Stanley Kubrick
ISIN 4510 The Atlantic World
ISIN 4520 Art in Society
ISLS 3150 Genocide: Origins, Prevention, Punishment
ISLS 3250 The Notion of Heft & Home
ISSS 3440 Gender in Society
ISSS 4300 America in the 1960’s: A Decade of Turbulence
ISSS 4454 Emotion, Emotional Intelligence & Meditation

ISHU 3626 Studio Art: Sculpture
ISLS 3212 Beowulf to the Untouchables, Changing Heroes, Change Culture

ISHU/ISSS 3090 Religion in America
ISHU 3301 Introduction to Film
ISSS 3383 The Dark Side of the Twentieth Century

ISHU 3290 Core Writing: The Basics of Analytical Writing
ISHU 3623 Studio Art: Painting

Spring 2018

All Sites
ISCP 3991  Capstone I
ISCP 4991  Capstone II

ISBU 3840  International Business
ISBU/ISSS 3880 Data Analytics and Decision Making
ISBU/ISSS 3888 Looking Through the Philosophic Lens of Technology
ISHU 3061  Sacred Paths: Introduction to World Religions
ISHU 3183  Writing the Story of Your Life:  Creative Nonfiction
ISHU 4130  Film Noir
ISHU 4190  Writing Strategies
ISIN 4510  Exploring the Social Sciences
ISIN 4520  God and Darwin
ISLS 3000  Transformations: Reading, Thinking and Communicating in the Liberal Arts
ISLS 3000  Transformations: Reading, Thinking and Communicating in the Liberal Arts
ISLS 3620  Ritual and Becoming in the Art of Africa
ISSS 3262  Globalization, Liberalism and Reform in the 19th Century
ISSS 3401  Smart Cities Enabling Sustainability
ISSS 3411  Introduction to Personality Psychology
ISSS 3830  Critical Issues in American Foreign Policy
ISSS 4458  The Cold War

ISBU 3772  Global Leadership Fundamentals for All Industries
ISHU 3621  The Biological Basis of Art
ISLS 3780  An Examination of the Criminal Justice System
ISSS 4292  Liberalism and Conservatism in Modern America

ISBU/ISHU/ISSS 4641 Advanced Public Speaking
ISLS 3040  Decision Making in Public Organizations
ISSS 4005  Irregular Warfare: Terrorists, Insurgents, and Transnational Criminals
ISSS 4454  Emotion, Emotional Intelligence and Meditation

ISHU 3190  Writing for Your Life
ISIN 4510  Introduction to European Studies
ISSS 3160  Democracy in America

ISBU/ISSS 4670 Organizational Change and Development
ISLS 3210  The Frost is Hard-Edged and Quick: Metaphor-Making a Final Unity

ISBU/ISSS 4670 Organizational Change and Development
ISHU 4120  The American Short Story: The Writer and Tradition
ISHU 4870  Modern American Cultural War

Fall 2017

All Sites
ISCP 3991  Capstone I
ISCP 4991  Capstone II

ISBU 3451  Fundamentals of Marketing
ISHU 3456  History:  Western Architecture
ISIN 4510   The Atlantic World
ISIN 4520   Renaissance to Radical Islam
ISLS 3000  Transformations:  Liberal Arts
ISLS 3000  Transformations:  Liberal Arts
ISLS 3360  Role of Memory and Human Condition
ISSS 3045  Science and Practice of Mindfulness
ISSS 3760  Issues in Leadership
ISSS 4000  The Experience of the Great War: Life and Literature
ISSS 4420  Speaking with Numbers:  The Effective Use of Statistics
ISSS 4320  Topics in Developmental Psychology
ISSS 4455  Social Inequality
ISSS 4456  Russian-American Relations

ISBU 4670  Organizational Change and Development
ISSS 3360  Making Sense of the News

ISBU/ISHU/ISSS 3281 The Art of Public Speaking
ISLS 3180  Possessing the Past
ISSS 3416  Social Psychology
ISSS 3611  Cheap Eats: The Economics of the American Food Industry

ISHU/ISSS 3305 The Impact of Media and the Development of Popular Culture
ISHU 4010  Art in Society:  Myth, Music Merriment

ISHU 4120  The American Short Story:  The Writer and Tradition
ISSS 3420  Human Thought and Behavior

ISHU 3902  Dance: Origins, Ethnology, and Evolution
ISHU 3183  Writing the Story of Your Life: Creative Nonfiction
ISSS 3150  Constitutional Law