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Congratulations to the Class of 2020! This year’s celebrations are unusual and unique, but the cause remains – celebrating the University of Virginia School of Continuing and Professional Studies students who have finished their undergraduate degrees.

Join us on Saturday, May 16, at 1 p.m. EDT as the broader University conducts a Virtual Celebration and Degree Conferral officially marking the conclusion of this extraordinary academic year. A traditional, in-person Final Exercises is also being planned on Grounds at a later date, when it is safe to gather again. To find more about UVA’s plans for Final Exercises, visit the FAQ.

People are also encouraged to use the #UVAGrad hashtag on social media this week to celebrate and uplift the Class of 2020.

For our SCPS graduates, the below video and other content are meant to celebrate your accomplishment and your continuing success.


Our 2020 Graduates

Abo Daher, Noor Hussam
Anderson, Ashley
Brandenburg, Kate Ashley Nield
Brau, Angela ScottWith Highest Distinction
Buckland Jr., William WardWith Distinction
Conway, Dominic
Creque, Karla Erica
Edwards, Gabriella Lena MarselianWith Highest Distinction
Fitts, Liz NatalieWith Highest Distinction
Francis, Reba JWith High Distinction
Frederick, JonathanWith Distinction
Freitag, Ursula GabrielaWith Highest Distinction
Guevara Pineyro, Romina Roxana
Huff, Britney NicoleWith Highest Distinction
Jenkins, Holly Leighann
Jones Jr., Clifton Delano
Jones, Savannah MarieWith High Distinction
Long, JessicaWith Highest Distinction
Maris, GeorgeWith Distinction
Munson, Robin FieldsWith Highest Distinction
O'Connell, Christian MorganWith High Distinction
Omohundro, BlakeWith Highest Distinction
Peterson, Ashley ReneeWith High Distinction
Pino Aguilar, JesusWith Distinction
Popalzai, Ahmad SamirWith Distinction
Quiroga Sainz, VanessaWith Highest Distinction
Ratliff, Michael Taylor
Rejonis, Russell AdamWith High Distinction
Showalter, Jason MichaelWith Highest Distinction
Spargur, Samuel Adam
Stanislaus, Michelle Lynn
Stephens, Katherine Larraine
Swienton, AidanWith High Distinction
Tinsley, Clifton StevenWith High Distinction
Tombs, Heidi Marie
Truman, Heather AnneWith High Distinction
Ulmer, JohnWith Distinction
Whitaker, Kristi
White, RandallWith High Distinction
Zaleski, Taylor JosephWith High Distinction
Baber, JeanetteWith High Distinction
Dean, Tyler Scott
Goins-Slape, Stephanie MichelleWith High Distinction
Grandinetti, Judith AWith High Distinction
Justice, Andrea DrakeWith Highest Distinction
Kim, So Hwan
Morin, Alexa FlynnWith High Distinction
Myers, Emily DriverWith Highest Distinction
Raggio, EricaWith Highest Distinction
Spicer, Azzanna Eleanor ElizabethWith High Distinction

2020 Degree Student Awards

Highest GPA icon

The winners of this year’s highest GPA are:

  • BIS – Robin Fields Munson
  • BPHM – Emily Driver Myers
Capstone icon

The BPHM Capstone winner is:

  • Azzanna Eleanor Elizabeth Spicer
Award icon

The Stephen T. Thornton BIS Outstanding Capstone Award winners are:

  • Robin Fields Munson
  • Katherine Larraine Stephens


Ashley Peterson
Chase Kim
Jeanette Barber
Jesús Pino Aguillar
UVA SCPS' Graduation Party
UVA SCPS' Graduation Party
UVA SCPS' Graduation Party
UVA SCPS' Graduation Party
UVA SCPS' Graduation Party
UVA SCPS' Graduation Party
UVA SCPS' Graduation Party
UVA SCPS' Graduation Party
UVA SCPS' Graduation Party
UVA SCPS' Graduation Party
UVA SCPS' Graduation Party