Current Term Classes - Cyber Security

Spring 2019

Class registration opens on November 30. 

The School of Continuing and Professional Studies may cancel, modify, or make substitutions for any published class or program, may change instructors, and may change the dates and times a class is offered. The information published here and in the catalog is subject to change.  For the most up-to-date and complete information, please use the SIS Class Search

BUS 5010: Cyber Security Management
Online Asynchronous* | Available Jan 14-Mar 8 | Synchronous Sessions Wednesdays, 6-7:30pm.
Provides managers with the essential framework needed to design and develop an effective cyber security program.  Explores methods used to raise general security awareness, review current industry practices, and develop expertise needed to adapt policies to achieve confidentiality, integrity, and availability of organizational assets and data.
James Lantzy | 3 GR credits | Required

BUS 5020: Security Policy Development and Assessment
Online Asynchronous* | Available Mar 4-Apr 26 | Synchronous Sessions Tuesdays, 7-8:30pm.
Examines the steps required in policy development including password protection, acceptable use of organization information technology assets, risk acceptance, identification of threats, countermeasures, intellectual property, proprietary information and privacy issues, compliance reporting, and escalation procedures. Discusses access controls, security standards, and policy implementation.
Kristen Broz | 3 GR credits | Required

BUS 5060 Understanding Technology in an Open Access Environment
Online Asynchronous* | Available Jan 14-Mar 8 | Synchronous Sessions Mondays, 7:00-8:30.
Students develop an understanding of the technology used to distribute information in support of eBusiness and the security concerns inherent in an open access environment. The instruction surveys the technologies enabling the migration of computing applications, communications, and information to the cloud environment. The instruction also surveys the technologies that facilitated backend integration and front-end deployment. Many of these technologies are still in use today. Coursework reviews the information assurance challenges and popular solutions of cloud computing. Communications concepts such as TCP/IP, ISP delivery channels, and wireless technology are discussed in detail. Performance and security issues relative to each technology introduced in this course are discussed.
TBA | 3 GR credits | Elective

*Asynchronous online courses at SCPS can sometimes include synchronous sessions. Instructors can require attendance for these sessions as long as the dates are listed. For synchronous class sessions whose dates are not listed, attendance is strongly encouraged, but not mandatory. These sessions can be recorded for students who are unable to attend.