Courses - Leadership

Students with PMI® certifications can earn up to 45 PDUs per course. PSPM and PSLP courses are eligible. UVA is a registered education provider with PMI. PMI is a registered mark of the Project Management Institute, Inc.

Required Courses (4)

PSLP 5300 Foundations of Leadership
Introduces students to various theories and styles of leadership. Through self-assessment and guided inquiry, students explore and develop their own unique style of leadership. Upon completion of the course, students will have the ability to identify different leadership styles.

PSLP 5320 Organizational Leadership
Focuses on the challenging role of leaders in today’s complex organizations. Identifies ways to adapt the organizational structures, policies, and management workforce to enhance competitive advantage. Topics include change management, organizational dynamics, and crisis management.

PSLP 5330 Communication & Team Development
Today's leaders must be skilled in both communicating with diverse audiences and maintaining effective teams in order to succeed. Communication topics include addressing technical and non-technical audiences using presentations; interpersonal skills; and writing skills. Team development instruction focuses on managing teams, identifying and understanding the leadership role, the importance of shared leadership, product teams, and team decision-making.

PSLP 5340 Financial Management for Leaders
Examines how value is measured, created, and maximized. Beginning with an introduction to accounting, instruction covers the fundamentals of measuring and reporting revenue, costs, cash flow, assets, liabilities, and equity. Explores the financial decisions that management must make, including break-even analysis, budgeting, investment in assets, and funding with debt equity.

Elective Courses (2)

Students must complete two electives from one of the focus areas, or select one elective from two of the following areas.

General Leadership Focus
PSLP 5310 Strategic Leadership
Focuses on strategic planning and foresight. Uses case studies to explore the challenging role of leaders in different organizational settings and how leaders can strategize for successful outcomes.

PSPA 5040 Ethics
Focuses on historical ethical issues. Students examine case studies as practical examples of ethical issues. Journal articles and debates are used to grasp the complexity of ethical issues as they pertain to leadership.

Technology Leadership Focus
PSLP 5350 Understanding Technology Operations
Examines a number of topics that can have a significant impact on the extent to which a firm attains world class standards. Topics include: operations strategy, product/service selection and design, business process reengineering, capacity planning, quality management, facility location and layout, and supply chain management.

PSLP 5360 Leadership in the Technology Organization
Investigates the complex and rapidly changing nature of technology organizations. Teaches the transition to management and leadership roles, the importance of organizational vision and values, assessing and capitalizing on human resources, and managing scarce resources in a technology organization.

Project Management Focus
PSPM 5030 Introduction to Project Management
Introduces the various aspects of the project life cycle and project management. Explores best practices and the application of these best practices for project success.

PSPM 5230 Project Management: Leadership & Managing the Project Team
Covers the importance that project teams play within organizations; the challenges facing project teams and tools to confront those challenges; the role of the project manager; and tools that the project manager can use to overcome those challenges.

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