Current Term Classes - Procurement and Contracts Management - Undergraduate

Summer 2018

Class registration opens on April 16.

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PC 4010: Introduction to Federal Procurement
Online Asynchronous* | Available May 21-Aug 10 | Synchronous sessions TBD.
Introduces the procurement and contracting processes, and explores fundamental principles and techniques in detail. Emphasis is on government procurement, but the course also provides an understanding of procurement methods and subcontracting in the private sector. Uses the FAR (Federal Acquisition Regulations) as a text.
Ronald Falcone | 3 UG credits | Required

PC 4020: Contract Administration
Online Asynchronous* | Available May 21-Aug 10 | Synchronous sessions TBD.
Covers the technical and fundamental procedures basic to contract administration. Examines both theory and practice, emphasizing enforcement of contract terms and conditions, cost overruns, change orders, disputes and appeals, financial analysis, contract authority and interpretation, production surveillance, quality assurances, and audit. Prerequisite: PC 4010.
Lee Washington | 3 UG credits | Required

PC 4050: Negotiation of Contracts and Modifications
Online Asynchronous* | Available May 21-Aug 10 | Synchronous sessions TBD.
Covers the techniques of negotiation. Focuses on the organization and operation of the procurement team, preparation and conduct of negotiations of contracts, and contract modifications by the team concept. Mock negotiations are conducted in class using case studies. Prerequisite: PC 4030.
Stephen Yuter | 3 UG credits | Required

*Some online, asynchronous courses include synchronous sessions. Attendance at these live synchronous sessions is strongly encouraged, but each session will be recorded for students’ future listening (at no penalty) if they are not able to attend the live session.