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The School of Continuing and Professional Studies (SCPS) works with organizations to educate the workforce of the future and to leverage its resources for the benefit of the citizens of the Commonwealth. In today's knowledge-driven economy, SCPS is committed to actively engaging industry, government, and community groups to identify solutions that it is uniquely positioned to address. 

With custom programs and courses, SCPS helps organizations maintain their competitive edge by addressing their unique professional development needs and challenges. For decades, SCPS has utilized this customized approach to respond to the professional development needs of a wide variety of professions, including:

Customized Educational Solutions
With a customized educational program from SCPS, your employees will receive content based on expertise in curriculum development and taught by UVA faculty and experienced instructors who understand the importance of combining critical theories and concepts with practical, immediately implementable solutions.

Content can be delivered in a variety of learning environments including classroom (at UVA or onsite at your business or organization), online, or in a blended approach that combines classroom and online learning. Depending on the depth and breadth of the content, SCPS will work with you to determine how best to structure the instruction through half-day or full-day workshops, week-long or semester-long courses, or multi-semester courses leading to the completion of a credential, such as a University certificate.

Decades of Experience
Business & Organizations
Customized programs and courses can be delivered onsite to your business or organization. Specialized topics include contracts management, human resources, leadership, organizational development, project management, and team building. 

Federal, State & Local Government Agencies
Through a long history of partnering with government entities, SCPS has gained an in-depth knowledge of government trends and issues which ensures the development of successful programs in the areas of contracts management, human resources, law enforcement, leadership, and national security. 

Over the years, SCPS has trained thousands of federal, state, and local government employees. Many of these educational programs are offered through long-standing contracts.

International Organizations
SCPS is experienced in customizing and delivering programs for working professionals from organizations outside of the United States who travel here for professional development. A recent partnership with Triway International Group, the Jiangsu Education Association, and the Shanghai Information Office has provided educational programs for over 500 professionals in the fields of journalism, higher education, arts and culture, information technology, and finance.

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Let us help you maintain your organization’s competitive edge with custom programs and courses designed to provide solutions to your organization’s challenges. Contact one of our directors to discuss how we can explore together the appropriate programs and courses that deliver results for your employees and your organization. 

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International Programs
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