Courses - Digital Marketing

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Required Courses (3)

PSMT 6010 Digital Marketing Tools & Techniques
Explores how to use integrated web, email, and database technologies in pre-built, personalized marketing campaigns to acquire and retain customers. Demonstrates practical skills by developing effective email offer letters and landing pages, and by using web analytics tools, search engine marketing strategies, webinars, and online surveys to accomplish digital marketing objectives.

PSMT 6020 Strategic Database Marketing
Explores ways to identify, retain, and build customer loyalty to generate sales that drive higher profits to the bottom line. Explores how to use databases to deliver these results. Includes such topics as database design, data warehouses, data mining, and marketing techniques such as customer lifetime value and recency-frequency-monetary analysis.

PSMT 6030 Customer Relationship Management
Studies Customer Relationship Management (CRM) technologies and strategies. Reviews various business approaches for managing all aspects of the customer lifecycle across the Internet and off-line channels.

Elective Courses (select 2)

PSMT 6040 Legal Aspects of Digital Marketing
Studies how the Internet, along with its success and growth, faces pressure from consumer groups and government regulators. Examines trends in digital marketing laws and regulations, as well as techniques to comply with legal and regulatory requirements of digital marketing.

PSMT 6050 Web Marketing: Building Awareness on the Internet
Applies marketing principles and best practices in an Internet environment. Uses case studies and extensive online research evaluating practical Web-based marketing communication strategies, including banner ads, search engine keyword campaigns, online public relations, content providers, and other online media. Students complete the Google Adwords Certification program to enhance their understanding of the coursework while adding to their credentials.

PSMT 6070 Social & New Media Digital Marketing
Explores how new media is being used to create relationships, market products and services, engage key audiences, create brand awareness, and drive loyalty. Covers techniques such as social networking, wikis, widgets, blogging, podcasting, webcasting, social bookmarking, mobile marketing, and mashups.

PSMT 6080 Mobile Marketing Strategies
Provides an understanding of mobile marketing strategies, as well as practical knowledge to implement mobile marketing campaigns.  Includes building a mobile web site, and creating text message campaigns, as well as other mobile methods such as QR codes and integrating mobile campaigns within the marketing mix.

PSPM 5030 Introduction to Project Management
Introduces the various aspects of the project life cycle and project management. Explores best practices and the application of these best practices for project success


The information contained on this web site is for informational purposes only. The Undergraduate Record and Graduate Record represent the official repository for academic program requirements.

* The information contained on this website is for informational purposes only. The Undergraduate Record and Graduate Record represent the official repository for academic program requirements.

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