Minimum Standards for Faculty to Teach Online

Email is the School's official means of communication with all SCPS faculty and students. All SCPS faculty members are required to establish a UVA email account.  

Document File Formats
Instructors should plan to create and use documents in their instruction that are easily viewable by their students. Since Microsoft Office is used extensively by SCPS students, formats that are readable by Office, Open Office, Google Apps and other document readers should be used. Adobe’s PDF format is widely used, therefore documents that should only be viewed without allowing editing or revision by students should be in PDF format. Faculty planning to use unusual document file formats should provide direction to students on where they can obtain free readers to view the documents or you should convert them to formats to which students have access.

Computer Hardware
For minimum faculty computing requirements at SCPS, please see Currently Supported Computing Technologies at UVA.  

Network Connectivity
At an absolute minimum, your high-speed network connection should be rated at 2 mbps download and upload speeds.

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