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Angela Orebaugh

Certificate In Cyber Security Analysis
Certificate In Cyber Security Management
Certificate In Information Technology
Ph.D, George Mason University - Information Technology
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My own experience confirms my belief in the importance of education and lifelong learning. I know what it's like to take courses online and to make sacrifices to devote myself to my studies. But I also know the kind of opportunities education opens up.

Angela Orebaugh epitomizes the School’s commitment to select certificate faculty members who combine impressive work resumes with expertise in the classroom. Orebaugh, who holds a master of science in computer science from James Madison University and a Ph.D. in information technology from George Mason University, spent over 20 years in industry, starting as a database programmer.

Before leaving Virginia to work with a startup in Denver, she helped JMU run its campus network. In Denver, she worked for a colocation company, which managed data centers throughout the United States. Initially she focused on product development, but soon migrated to developing secure solutions to protect its customers’ data. “Because the company was small, I did a little of everything and gained a wide view of cybersecurity issues,” she says.

Orebaugh took that knowledge to her next job as a fellow and chief scientist at Booz Allen Hamilton, where she led several cybersecurity initiatives and advised clients on cybersecurity strategy, management and technologies. While at Booz Allen Hamilton, Orebaugh wrote a series of best-selling technical books and began teaching at GMU.

“I found I really enjoyed teaching,” she says. She also considers developing new curricula “a great opportunity to learn the latest trends in the industry.” Orebaugh began teaching for the School in 2014.

In 2018, Orebaugh developed and launched an undergraduate Certificate in Cybersecurity Analysis and a concentration in Cybersecurity Analysis for the Bachelor of Interdisciplinary Studies program.

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