Lester Reid, Ph.D BA

Man with short black hair smiling with a blue suit, white dress shirt and striped blue tie

Dr. Lester Reid has over two decades experience in the field of Accounting, Finance, Federal Taxation, and Business Management. He is a former Internal Revenue Service Manager, CFO, Director, Professor in multiple fields of business and higher education. He is an Enrolled Agent and a Management Accountant. Presently, he teaches and trains doctoral students, executives, graduates, and undergraduates to become experts in their field of study.

Dr. Reid’s academic and professional credentials includes: Doctor of Business Administration in Management at Grand Canyon University, Ed.D in Higher and Adult Education at the University of Memphis*, Master of Taxation at Mississippi State University, Master of Science in Accounting, Master of Science in Management, and MBA at Texas A&M University. He completed a Master of Education in Adult and Higher education at the University of Houston, BBA in Accounting and BBA in Finance at Florida Atlantic University and his Associate degree in business administration at Palm Beach State College.

Dr. Reid writes books that educate, motivate, inspire and contribute to individuals personal and professional development and organizational growth. He believes that professional expertise, and continual human development are foundations of economic and financial success.

Entrepreneur and Innovator| Enrolled Agent Practitioner | Former Internal Revenue Agent | Professional Accountant | Executive and Business Coach | |Management Consultant | Professor and Scholar | Financial Expert |Transformational Leader| Doctoral Dissertation Chairperson| Subject Matter Expert