Nammy Lee

Nammy Lee
Certificate in Accounting

As an associate professor, Nammy Lee sees herself as a facilitator, helping students master the intricacies of accounting and meet their professional goals. In her role as faculty lead of the School’s Certificate in Accounting, Lee is a community builder, bringing the programs’ faculty together to exchange ideas and advance its quality. Her role is an expression of her long-term passion for adult education. Lee joined the SCPS faculty in 2013.

Lee empathizes with the struggles of her students, because she knows from personal experience what it is like to work all day, attend classes in the evening, and study for the Certified Public Accountant (CPA) exam. Lee passed the exam on her first try and shares her experience with students. “Most of them plan to sit for the CPA exam, and it’s a great motivator for them,” she says.

Lee recognizes that teaching adult learners has its own challenges. “Each learner’s history and experiences affect their learning style and pace,” she says. “As an educator, it is important to make provisions for these differences.” Lee tries to fine-tune her approach to the aptitudes of individual students while addressing their academic needs.

Despite the challenges, Lee enjoys working with adult learners and believes that “teaching is for those who love learning.” Lee says she learns just as much from her students’ experiences as they learn from her knowledge of the subject matter.