Roger Pao, JD

Man with short black hair and a light blue dress shirt smiles at camera.

Roger Pao, JD is originally from the Los Angeles area and have lived in many places (including Indianapolis, IN and Durham, NC), but he currently resides in Boston, Massachusetts. He enjoys living in the Boston area, as public transportation is always close at hand, and he does not mind the cold weather. His hobbies include reading and writing fiction and poetry, being a fan of Los Angeles and Boston sports teams and trying to keep his jade plant healthy!

Professionally, he is an attorney and educator with extensive experience in online education and an educational interest in creating exciting online courses in such disciplines as business law. A graduate of Harvard Law School, magna cum laude, where he earned his J.D., and Duke University, summa cum laude, where he earned his Bachelor's degree, he worked as a transactional attorney at a couple law firms and have served as a subject matter expert for and taught a variety of online graduate and undergraduate-level courses.