William Yates, EdD, PMP

Man sitting with dark blazer and black shirt sitting looking at camera

Dr. William “Bill” Yates has a senior project and operations management professional background with expertise driving efficiencies into operations, streamlining product/service delivery, and achieving superior customer satisfaction levels. He has a versatile management background including: employee and team management; project management; process and quality improvement; organizational learning and change. Dr. Yates has demonstrated success within environments undergoing substantial change, including Fortune 100 and 500 companies, and a global venture startup. He is a university adjunct faculty/instructor for several major universities, including the University of Virginia since 2002 when he taught what may be the first project management course in what would subsequently become the Project Management Certificate program. He has been a certified PMP since 1996, #6122.

Perhaps, however, the most important detail is his teaching philosophy, something that directly influences his approach and trusted value for each student. Dr. Yates explains: “First, I recognize the central role played by the student in the learning process. How a student learns is a proposition unique to each student. Second, is the importance to recognize the variability of the learning challenges and outcomes that exist when students, especially self-directed adult students learn as a class, a team, or simply as an individual. And third, to direct a learning focus that is not just the impartation of knowledge or new skill, but the acquisition of knowledge and the emergence of new skill. In other words, to champion each student's own authentic learning experience.