Yvonne Hampton, Ph.D.

woman with short black hair worn to one side smiles at camera

Dr. Yvonne Hampton holds a Ph.D. in personal financial planning from The University of Missouri. Additionally, she holds a B.S. in Economics, a Master’s in Business Administration, a Master of Arts in Economics, Master of Science in Personal Financial Planning, and a graduate certificate in Housing and Financial Counseling. With over 15 years of experience in teaching personal financial planning, and economics, financial counseling, financial coaching, and financial therapy.

Dr. Hampton has amassed an impressive body of work inclusive of research, facilitating seminars classes and workshops in the university, community, and corporate settings. Dr. Hampton’s research has focused on the intersectionality of mental health disorders and financial planning. She has utilized this research to inform a variety of practitioners on ways to effectively support and counsel their own clients for more positive financial outcomes.