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Summer 2019

Class registration opens on April 15.

The School of Continuing and Professional Studies may cancel, modify, or make substitutions for any published class or program, may change instructors, and may change the dates and times a class is offered. The information published here and in the catalog is subject to change.  For the most up-to-date and complete information, please use the SIS Class Search.

PSHM 5080: Legal and Ethical Decision-Making in Healthcare
Online Synchronous | Wednesdays, 7-9:30pm | May 15-Jul 31
Focuses on principles & theories of law related to healthcare delivery, management & administration. Examines the application of laws on healthcare liability prevention & the risks managers face. Explores legal & ethical issues in healthcare systems; and investigates the healthcare administrator as decision-maker, leader and moral agent. Evaluates situations with potential ethical/legal implications.
Stephen Oliver | 3 GR credits | Elective  

PSHM 5805: Health Information Systems and Applications
Online Synchronous | Tuesdays, 7-9:30pm | May 14-Jul 30
Examines how informatics in the health care industry improves patient care, health outcomes, efficiency, quality & evidence-based decision making; evaluates challenges and strategies for health care managers in implementing health information systems & their costs, benefits, and impacts in health care organizations. Analyzes key issues in data management, security, privacy and confidentiality. Prerequisite: Admission to HSM Graduate Certificate
Maria Kronenburg | 3 GR credits | Elective

Faculty Spotlight

My own experience confirms my belief in the importance of education and lifelong learning. I know what it's like to take courses online and to make sacrifices to devote myself to my studies. But I also know the kind of opportunities education opens up.
A photograph of Ana Abad-Jorge

Ana Abad-Jorge

Bachelor of Professional Studies in Health Sciences Management & Certificate in Health Sciences Management

After 27 years spent working with the most vulnerable of patients as a pediatric nutritionist with the UVA Health System, Ana decided to pursue her lifelong goal of teaching. She earned her doctorate in higher education and adult learning, and is now program director and assistant professor for the Bachelor of Professional Studies in Health Sciences Management and Certificate in Health Sciences Management programs.

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Student Spotlight

The program was a differentiator for me. I was asked to come in for an interview because my decision to pursue the certificate was seen as a sign of my commitment to the field.
A photograph of Kearby Chen

Kearby Chen


After earning a bachelor’s in biomedical engineering and a master’s in commerce from UVA, Kearby secured a job with a search and digital marketing firm. When he decided to make a career change and enter the HEALTHCARE management industry, he gained experience and expertise with an SCPS certificate. He now holds the title of Ambulatory Manager of Neurosciences Clinics at UVA Health System, and is responsible for all outpatient neurology and neurosurgery clinics as the leader of a 70+ person team.

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