Courses - Human Resources Management

Each course is approved for 45 Professional Development Credits (PDCs) by SHRM.

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Required Courses (5)

HR 4010 Management of Organizations
Presents a broad view of management theories and principles. Topics include historical and current trends in management, how organizations plan and make decisions, leadership, and resource management.

HR 4020 Human Resource Management
Survey of individual (as opposed to systemic) HR management. Topics include employee relations, job satisfaction, personnel selection and placement, job analysis and design, interviewing techniques, performance appraisal and training, and wage and salary administration. 

HR 4030 Organizational Change & Development
Analyzes key concepts and theories in organizational behavior and organizational development. Focuses on students' development of the diagnostic skills necessary to effectively manage organizational change. Deals with specific issues such as downsizing, mergers and acquisitions, and the inclusion of an international workforce into a "new" corporate culture. Prerequisite: HR 4010 or with instructor or program director permission.

HR 4050 Legal & Ethical Issues in Human Resources
Addresses employment laws and issues, including the Civil Rights Acts of 1964 and 1991, FLSA, ADA, FMLA, ERISA, selected immigration laws, affirmative action, sexual harassment, and other issues of gender and racial/ethnic equity. Also deals with business ethics issues as they relate to HR. Prerequisite: HR 4010 or 4020 or with instructor or program director permission.

HR 4070 Employee Relations, Engagement and Advocacy
Explores role of employee relations in an organization. Provides practical consulting skills for HR professional’s role as business partner. Topics include policies and practices governing workplace rules and conduct; government regulations impacting employment and compliance; and a range of concepts, practices and objectives arising from organization-employee relations. Prerequisite: HR 4010, HR 4020 or with instructor or program director permission.

Elective Courses (Select 1)

HR 4080 Compensation & Benefits
Examines the theories, practicies, and various methods of compensation in the context of business strategy and culture. Assesses the role of compensation in workforce planning. Develops and provides opportunities to apply skills for administering compensation policies. Prerequisite: HR 4010, HR 4050 or with instructor or program director permission.

HR 4090 Strategic Workforce Planning
Addresses HR recruitment planning, recruiting, job placement, performance appraisal, and outplacement resulting from layoffs, downsizing, or firing. Prerequisite: HR 4010, HR 4020 or with instructor or program director permission.


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