Cyber Security & IT

Certificate in Cyber Security Management

The Certificate in Cyber Security Management is designed to provide managers and information technology professionals with the essential tools needed to identify cyber threats; devise appropriate defense strategies; develop policy; plan and conduct security assessments; and understand the ethical, legal, and regulatory environment as it relates to operating in cyberspace. Courses are mapped to the National Cybersecurity Workforce Framework, as part of the National Initiative for Cybersecurity Careers and Studies.The 18-credit graduate certificate (6 courses) can be completed in 12 months by enrolling in 2 courses per term. The certificate is online, making it accessible from anywhere.

Certificate in Information Technology

The Certificate in Information Technology provides individuals with the knowledge and skills necessary to assume entry-level positions in the field of information technology. Coursework covers the strategic value of IT to businesses and exposes students to the web application development process (topics include IT architecture, systems analysis and design, web design, database systems, and web application development). This 18-credit undergraduate certificate (6 courses) can be completed in 18 months by enrolling in 1 or 2 courses per term. The certificate is online, making it accessible from anywhere.

Concentration in Information Technology

The Bachelor of Interdisciplinary Studies (BIS) degree offers a Concentration in Information Technology. BIS is a degree-completion program offering a broad interdisciplinary education with online and evening classes. The concentration in Information Technology (IT) includes 18 credit hours comprised of five required IT courses and one required elective IT course. The concentration is designed to provide new educational and employment opportunities for adult learners seeking to complete their undergraduate degree with a liberal arts education and a professional focus in IT. Courses develop students’ foundational knowledge and skills in information technology.