Early Childhood

Bachelor of Interdisciplinary Studies

Concentration in Early Childhood
The Bachelor of Interdisciplinary Studies (BIS) program makes it possible for working adults to complete a degree from the University of Virginia on a part-time basis through evening and online classes. The degree completion program offers a broad interdisciplinary education with a variety of concentrations, including a concentration in Early Childhood. Classes are offered online.

The concentration in Early Childhood, offered in partnership with the Curry School of Education and Human Development, includes 18 credit hours comprised of six required courses. The concentration is designed to provide new educational and employment opportunities for adult learners seeking to complete their undergraduate degree with a liberal arts education and a professional focus in early childhood. Courses develop students’ foundational knowledge and skills in early childhood.

Students in the Early Childhood concentration are also required to take two ISLS courses and two 4000-level ISIN Special Topics in the Conduct of Inquiry (one in Humanities, and one in Social Sciences) courses.

Required Early Childhood Courses
  • Foundations of Early Childhood Development & Education
  • Understanding & Supporting Self-Regulation in Early Childhood
  • Poverty in Early Childhood in the United States
  • Early Language Development Theory, Science & Practice
  • Mathematics in Early Childhood: Understanding, Assessing & Supporting Development
  • Interaction with Intention: Working with Young Children
Students in the Early Childhood concentration are also required to take 24 credit hours of electives outside of early childhood courses. These vary by semester and may include courses in disciplines such as anthropology, art, art history, architectural history, classics, drama, economics, history, literature, music, philosophy, politics, religion, and sociology.