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For This UVA Student, the General Assembly Session Is a Whirlwind

March 5, 2020

As Virginia’s legislative session winds to a close this weekend, the commonwealth’s assorted senators and delegates won’t be the only ones capping the end of a busy season.

Each year, about 40 teenagers from all corners of Virginia converge on the state capitol to serve as pages in the state Senate, a time-honored job that sees them doing everything from taking lunch orders to circulating amendments and learning firsthand how laws are made. 

The man at the center of the Senate’s page program is Bladen Finch, a student in the public administration certificate program in the University of Virginia’s School of Continuing and Professional Studies. Finch, a former page himself, has one of the most unique jobs in state government, and as the session neared adjournment he took some time to talk about what it’s like running the page program and why he decided to continue his education at UVA.

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