Admission - Post-Bac Pre-Med

General Requirements

The Admissions Committee seeks students who are likely to be admitted to medical school. Successful candidates will have demonstrated their academic ability through their strong undergraduate record and superior standardized exam scores. The program is not intended for individuals who wish to strengthen a weak academic record.

Letters of recommendation should speak to an applicant’s work ethic, intellectual curiosity, love of learning, and commitment to a career in medicine. Applicants should have some exposure to health care, by working or volunteering in a health care setting and/or by shadowing a physician.

Personal Interview

An applicant’s demonstrated enthusiasm and passion for medicine is an integral part of the application process. In order to evaluate interpersonal and communication skills critical in the practice of medicine, the Admissions Committee requires a personal interview of all qualified candidates. While in-person interviews are preferred, an interview utilizing online technology can be arranged for applicants unable to travel to Charlottesville. 

Admission Requirements

All Post-Bac Pre-Med applicants are required to apply for admission through PostBacCAS, an online common application service which collects all application materials and allows applicants to check on the status of their application in real-time. 

The online PostBacCAS application provides you with all the details necessary to complete an application for admission. To be considered for admission, applicants must submit the following materialsdirectly to PostBacCAS:

  • Letters of Reference
    • Preferably one faculty reference highlighting the applicant's academic abilities and another work-related or volunteer reference
  • Official transcripts from all previously attended colleges and/or universities, demonstrating excellent academic performance
  • Self-reported SAT, ACT, or GRE scores (official copies required upon acceptance to Post-Bac program)
  • Statement describing "How have your experiences contributed to your decision to pursue a career in health care?"
  • A current resume reflecting education as well as work and volunteer experiences
  • Application for Virginia In-State Education Privileges, if seeking in-state tuition eligibility
  • UVA Honor Code
Please note. Application materials should not be sent to the University of Virginia. All application materials must be collected by PostBacCAS.

Should you need assistance with your PostBacCAS application, please contact the Liaison customer service and technical support team at 857.304.2047 or

For program specific questions, please contact UVA's Post-Bac Pre-Med staff at

Application Deadlines

PostBacCAS will begin accepting applications on August 15, 2018 for admission for the Summer 2019 cohort. Review of completed materials and applicant files continues until February 20. Applications must be received by PostBacCAS by February 20 and supplemental materials should be received soon after. The admission process is competitive; therefore, interested individuals should apply early in the admission cycle. Applications are reviewed on a rolling basis.