Undergraduate Procurement and Contract Management Certificate

If you’re just entering the field of procurement and contracts management, this undergraduate certificate will prepare you for entry-level to mid-level roles with an overview of the industry’s key principles. Covering the core competencies recognized by the National Contract Management Association, coursework focuses on federal procurement and contracting processes, technical procedures of contract administration, government contract law, and the basics of cost and price analysis.

Key Takeaways
Required Courses (6)
PC 4010 Introduction to Federal Procurement

Introduces the procurement and contracting processes and explores fundamental principles and techniques in detail. Emphasis is on government procurement, but the course also provides an understanding of procurement methods and subcontracting in the private sector. Uses the FAR (Federal Acquisition Regulations) as a text.

PC 4020 Contract Administration

Covers the technical and fundamental procedures basic to contract administration. Examines both theory and practice, emphasizing enforcement of contract terms and conditions, cost overruns, change orders, disputes and appeals, financial analysis, contract authority and interpretation, production surveillance, quality assurances, and audit. Prerequisite: PC 4010.

PC 4030 Cost & Price Analysis

Covers the basic concepts in the analysis of contract price by cost-price analysis techniques, learning curve, weighted guidelines, profit objectives, and analysis of the IT systems environment. Prerequisite: PC 4010

PC 4040 Government Contract Law

Introduces government contract law, contract clauses and provisions, legal aspects associated with contracting, and administering contracts. Prerequisite: PC 4010

PC 4050 Negotiation of Contracts & Modifications

Covers the techniques of negotiation. Focuses on the organization and operation of the procurement team, preparation and conduct of negotiations of contracts, and contract modifications by the team concept. Mock negotiations are conducted in class using case studies. Prerequisite: PC 4030

PC 4220 Federal Government Contracting: A Contractor's Perspective

Covers marketing and sales, pre-RFP work, RFP analysis, technical proposal preparation, management and cost proposal preparation, government site visits, audits, negotiations, contract start-up, performance, and contract shut-down.


There are no elective courses.

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John McCarthy

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Start Dates: August, January, May

Duration: On average, students take two courses per term, including the summer, to complete the certificate in 12 months. (18 undergraduate credits / 6 courses)

Format: Part-time: online

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$8,784 (same in-state and out-of-state)

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