Returning Student Registration

Returning Students

Returning students do not need to request permission to enroll at the University if they were enrolled in classes during the last academic year (e.g., if you are enrolling for a spring class you do not need to request permission to enroll if you were enrolled in classes during the previous fall, summer or spring terms).

Depending on your career and plan, returning students may be able to use the Student Self Service through the Student Center in SIS to register for classes.

Returning Students who can use Self Service in SIS

  • Returning students registering for classes in the following subjects: ACCT, BUS, FAC, HR, IT, PC, and those course subjects beginning with NC and PS.

Returning Students who cannot use Self-Service in SIS

  • Returning Community Scholars. You must complete the Community Scholar Registration Form and deliver it, along with supporting documents, to Zehmer Hall, 104 Midmont Lane.
  • Returning Senior Citizens wishing to use Senior Waiver. You must complete the Senior Citizen Waiver Registration Form and bring it in person to SCPS Registration, Zehmer Hall, 104 Midmont Lane, Charlottesville, VA. Registration for individuals using the Senior Citizen's Higher Education Act benefit begins prior to the first day of class. It may take up to one week for the Senior Waiver to be applied to the student's account.

Whether or not you register online through the Student Center in SIS or by using the paper forms, or are sponsored by your employer or organization, your class registration will trigger and post charges in the SIS. Within 24 hours after you register, use your SIS login to check your Student Center. Go to the Finances section to view what you owe.  See How to Pay for methods of payment, including payment information for specific programs.