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Eric Wiegand

Certificate in Certified Financial Planning

The faculty's real-life examples stuck with me, making it easier to remember key ideas when preparing for the CFP exam.

Eric Wiegand enrolled in the Certificate in Certified Financial Planning because it afforded him the flexibility he needed to balance work, home, and school. Thanks to the program, he passed the CFP exam on the first try.

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Jim Simos

Certified Financial Planning

By teaching financial planning, I'm giving my students the opportunity to similarly impact their clients’ lives.

Jim Simos tends to downplay his considerable experience. “I like to tell people I have a diversified business background,” he says. “But what that really means is that I have had four or five unrelated careers.” Regardless of how you count, Simos’ background adds up to a big plus for students in the School’s Certified Financial Planning preparatory certificate program. Of the first 28 students who completed the certificate program, 28 passed the CFP® exam on their first try.

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Louise and Vann Van Diepen

Certificate in Certified Financial Planning

I wanted a program that was affiliated with a real university. I felt it would have more credibility...

Louise Van Diepen intends to work as a financial planner, perhaps on a pro bono basis. She was inspired by a conversation with a fee-only financial planner helping her niece and nephew better manage a bequest. “She made the point that as a financial planner, you can really make a difference in people’s lives,” Van Diepen says. “I was intrigued.”

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