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Alice Schmidt

Post-Bac Pre-Med

Becoming a physician would give me the opportunity to learn more while giving back to other people.

In 2008 and 2012, Alice Schmidt represented the United States in the Olympics, but she knew that her days as a world-class competitor were finite. For her, the logical choice was to become a physician. “I spent my career around coaches, trainers, and physicians who knew a lot about how the body works,” she says.

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Alyce Brookfield

Post-Bac Pre-Med

I felt that the directors really understood what it takes to prepare a student for medical school.

Alyce Brookfield's heartfelt commitment to education led her to medicine. A trip to South Africa made her realize that good health is a prerequisite for learning. That's when she decided to become a physician.

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Angela Mosley

Post-Bac Pre-Med

The interview was like nothing else I had gone through.

Seeing health care disparities first hand, Angela Mosley decided to pursue a career in medicine. UVa's Post-Bac Pre-Med Program was one of five programs she considered.

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Caitlin Mulligan

Post-Bac Pre-Med

What really made a difference for me is the quality of advising and the individual support you receive.

A major career switch led Caitlin Mulligan to the Post Bac Pre-Med program. Wall Street could not compete with her drive to serve others.

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Joanna Moore

Post-Baccalaureate Pre-Medical Program

When I came for the interview, I felt right at home.

After completing her master’s in public health from Emory University, Joanna Moore took a job as a statistician at the Institute for Surgical Research (ISR) at San Antonio’s Brooke Army Medical Center. At the time, she knew almost nothing about the military, but the daily contact she had with wounded warriors changed her life. She didn't know then that her journey would lead her to the Post-Bac Pre-Med program.

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Lee Spitzer

Post-Bac Pre-Med

While the program is necessarily rigorous, the directors go out of their way to help you master the material.

After earning a Ph.D. in English, Lee Spitzer was inspired to enroll in the Post-Bac Pre-Med program after working with cancer patients and caregivers through a creative writing program he developed at Washington University’s Siteman Cancer Center.

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Tommy Rappold

Post-Bac Pre-Med

At every step of the way … UVa’s Post-Bac faculty and staff were welcoming and ready with insightful and helpful advice.

As a student at The Johns Hopkins School of Medicine, Tommy Rappold is pursuing his dream of a meaningful life.

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