Student Testimonials

Leslie Arriaza portrait, blue background
"At first I dismissed it, because I thought there was no way I could get into UVA, but it was geared perfectly toward me and nontraditional students like me."
Public service person standing at their vehicle with their door open smiling at camera
“The program has been extremely challenging, but also thought-provoking. It’s called for us to think outside of the box and think about policing from a different perspective.”
Portrait of Chris Easton
The veteran cop said, “I never thought I was smart enough or I was worthy.” Then he proved himself wrong.
Portrait of Anne Lassere
Fifteen years after graduating from high school, Anne Lassere returned to UVA and wound up honing two of her passions: construction and writing.
Jasmin Kamruddin - Post Bac Pre Med
I appreciated the forward advising received from day one that demystified the application process [..]
I had already gone through leadership training. The Command College helps you take your skills to the next level.
I had always dreamed about getting a degree from UVA, but it always seemed out of reach.
Tommy Rappold
At every step of the way … UVA’s Post Bacc faculty and staff were welcoming and ready with insightful and helpful advice.
I thought that getting my degree was just going to be work. As it turns out, I really loved school.
Thanks to the BPHM program, I am in a better position to contribute to my organization and to advance.
Sara Teaster
"Their commitment to learning and to changing their lives was apparent every day.  I felt motivated by their example."
I work hard to guide my students through the changing landscape of digital marketing.