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Bryan Garey

A photograph of Bryan Garey
It’s hard for adult learners to throw themselves back into a learning environment. SCPS provides a way for them to do that.

As an Assistant Vice President for UVA Human Resources, Bryan Garey has been responsible for Consulting Services and Employee Development, the latter of which provides learning and development opportunities for faculty and staff so they can be successful in their jobs.  The School of Continuing and Professional Studies performs much the same function for its students.  Accordingly, when Garey needed coursework to finish his master’s degree, he turned to SCPS. 
Garey came to UVA from a similar post at the University of Florida, where he had been enrolled in a master’s of science program in management.  “With a bachelor’s in drama and an MFA in acting, I knew I would benefit from formal training in the field,” he says.  When the call came from UVA, Garey was just three courses shy of completing his master’s. “Because I had put so much time and energy into the program, I hated to think I would get so close and not be able to finish,” he says. 
Fortunately, Garey discovered SCPS when he arrived in Charlottesville.  “The School was an affordable source of high-quality graduate-level business courses that met the high standards of the University of Florida management program.” Garey took online courses in financial management, communications, team building, and eMarketing—and returned to Florida for graduation in 2010. 
 “The constantly changing environment in the workplace requires new skills,” he comments.  “The nice thing about the School is that it offers an opportunity for people in their thirties and forties to continue to grow and learn.  It’s hard for adult learners to throw themselves back into a learning environment.  SCPS provides a way for them to do that."

In 2017, Garey was appointed Assistant VP for Talent, responsible for sourcing, selecting, retaining, and developing UVA employees.  In September 2018, Garey joined Virginia Tech as their Vice President for Human Resources.