Student Testimonials

Jasmin Kamruddin - Post Bac Pre Med
I appreciated the forward advising received from day one that demystified the application process [..]
I had already gone through leadership training. The Command College helps you take your skills to the next level.
I had always dreamed about getting a degree from UVA, but it always seemed out of reach.
Tommy Rappold
At every step of the way … UVA’s Post Bacc faculty and staff were welcoming and ready with insightful and helpful advice.
I thought that getting my degree was just going to be work. As it turns out, I really loved school.
Thanks to the BPHM program, I am in a better position to contribute to my organization and to advance.
Sara Teaster
"Their commitment to learning and to changing their lives was apparent every day.  I felt motivated by their example."
I work hard to guide my students through the changing landscape of digital marketing.
I liked that the University of Virginia offered an online program that I could fit into my schedule [while at Capital One]. And I thought that a credential from UVA would be particularly meaningful. Completing the graduate Certificate in Project Management gave me the trajectory I was looking for.
I always thought I would finish my coursework...but I didn’t know how. I needed a part-time program that met at night.
I apply the knowledge I gained virtually everyday.
Caitlin Mulligan
What really made a difference for me is the quality of advising and the individual support you receive.