Student Testimonials

My professors all work during the day in contract and project management, so their courses were highly relevant and up to date.
The experience of working at a shelter while a BIS student helped me make up my mind to go on and pursue a nursing degree.
Matthew Hanley
I gained an understanding about why I was good at some things and not so good at others.
It was very important to me to set an example for my three children. And earning my degree was a source of personal satisfaction.
When I was accepted into BIS, it was a dream come true.
I wanted a program that was affiliated with a real university. I felt it would have more credibility...
Lee Spitzer
While the program is necessarily rigorous, the directors go out of their way to help you master the material.
How fun is it to be a learner for the sake of learning...SCPS makes that possible.
The program was a differentiator for me. I was asked to come in for an interview because my decision to pursue the certificate was seen as a sign of my commitment to the field.
The primary goal I want to accomplish in life is to inspire someone, to challenge what is, and consider what can be...
Study abroad during January term was one of the best educational decisions I have ever made.
Victor Mitchell
The knowledge I gained from the Command College helps me every day as a bureau commander.