Student Testimonials

Attending the Command College was one of the best things that every happened to me.
My professors did an excellent job of communicating their enthusiasm for material that might otherwise be dry ... I would recommend UVA’s certificate program to anyone.
When I came to UVA, it was time to finish my degree because it was something I regretted not having done when I was younger
Erin Crumb
When you enroll in a course at SCPS, you never know where it’s going to lead.
The faculty's real-life examples stuck with me, making it easier to remember key ideas when preparing for the CFP exam.
If you want to stay in this field, the UVA procurement and contracts management certificate is a great place to start.
The faculty are deeply engaged on an everyday basis with their students. And interacting with classmates working in different parts of health care was eye-opening.
Jason Woodle
I wanted to be an example to my son in real time and hopefully inspire him later to do something similar.
I was determined to have as typical an undergraduate experience as possible.
At orientation, everyone was kind and supportive, and they make you feel welcomed as a UVA student. You get all the services you would expect from a university like this. It is amazing.
When I came for the interview [at UVA SCPS], I felt right at home. Everyone was really interested in what I had to offer as a person.
Thanks to the Certificate in Public Administration program, I feel more confident pursuing positions of more responsibility knowing that I can meet the challenge.