MCAT Preparation

The new, revised MCAT (2015) will require an understanding of additional material, including statistics and biochemistry, as well as basic concepts in psychology and sociology. It is recommended that students consider taking a course in statistics, psychology, and sociology prior to enrollment in the PBPM if their schedules permit.  (Statistics is required by some medical schools and some schools include psychology and/or sociology as recommended or required.) Dr. Burnett, the program’s Academic Director and organic chemistry professor, has adjusted the program’s curriculum to include the biochemistry material necessary for the new MCAT.

Students in the PBPM program will receive MCAT preparation materials produced by the commercial prep companies. Additional materials, recommended by the AAMC, are also provided. If you are unable to take a statistics, psychology, or sociology course prior to starting the PBPM Program, these materials should cover the information you need for the new, revised MCAT.