Active Duty Military & Veterans

The University of Virginia and the School of Continuing and Professional Studies are committed to supporting active duty service members, veterans, reservists, guardsmen, and dependents to pursue their academic and professional goals by assisting them in maximizing the use of their educational benefits at the University. Scholarships are available to support Military spouses (see details below). 

About 10 percent of the School’s students are veterans, and about 16 percent are veterans, active duty military, or spouses or children of veterans. SCPS is committed to ensuring their access to quality degree and certificate programs and services that help them succeed. We strive to be a military and veteran-friendly University.

If you decide that SCPS is a fit with your educational goals, then connect with the University's Veterans' Affairs Coordinator to determine how to use your military and veteran benefits.  

You may also visit the University's website devoted to Veterans Educational Benefits.  

Bachelor Completion Programs

UVA School of Continuing & Professional Studies offers two bachelor completion programs: the Bachelor of Interdisciplinary Studies and the Bachelor of Professional Studies in Health Sciences Management (BPHM). These online programs have supported hundreds of working adults in completing their degrees and joining the network of UVA alumni while balancing professional and personal demands.
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Certificate Programs

Explore certificate programs, delivered online from UVA SCPS. From accounting to leadership to project management, you can gain skills and experience to advance your career and set yourself apart in your field.
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What I loved most about the program was the interaction it promoted between professors and students. Every day, I looked forward to class because the topics were interactive, and participating was just fun.

Dennis J. Wilson

Frequently Asked Questions

Are Active Duty Military/Veteran Educational Benefits Accepted?

Yes. We regularly work with active duty military members and veterans. For additional information on how to use your military/veteran benefits, please visit the University Registrar Veterans’ Educational Benefits. 

Are there scholarship opportunities for Military Spouses?


The MyCAA Scholarship Program awards up to $4,000 to military spouses who are seeking to enhance their professional development through the completion of certificate programs. Applicants may go online to register for an MyCAA account to access programs and scholarship details. Certificate programs may be viewed through the AI Portal.  

Please note that tuition rates for University of Virginia (UVA) School of Continuing and Professional Studies (SCPS) listed in AI Portal reflect in-state tuition rates. In order for military spouses to be eligible for in-state tuition rates, their active duty military spouse must meet qualifications for in-state tuition within the Commonwealth of Virginia, i.e., elect to establish Virginia domicile. All other elements of domicile must be fulfilled simultaneously; i.e. physical residence, demonstration of domiciliary intent and reflection of Virginia income taxes on his/her LES. See Virginia Status for details.

The following UVA SCPS online certificates are listed in AI Portal and on the MyCAA website

  • Project Management (Graduate)
  • Information Technology (Undergraduate)

Here is the navigation path to access UVA SCPS certificates on the MyCAA website:

  2. Click on the Search programs box
  3. Enter University of Virginia, certificate name;  click the option “certification or technical” and click search
  4. Click on the name of the certificate and it will bring you to the UVA SCPS certificate web page
Does UVA have a discounted tuition rate for Active Duty Military Students?

Yes, under certain circumstances. UVA has approved a $250 per credit tuition rate for active duty military enrolled as undergraduate students in the School of Continuing & Professional Studies’ (SCPS) undergraduate online classes. This rate covers tuition only. Students are responsible for paying course fees unless they are using veterans’ educational benefits. Some veterans’ educational benefits will cover the cost of tuition and fees (if the student is eligible).

The $250 per credit tuition rate for active duty military does not apply to face-to-face classes.  Military dependents and veterans are not eligible for this rate.

Additional information for active duty military students can be found at

What documentation do I need to provide to be eligible for the discounted Active Duty Military rate for online undergraduate classes?

You will need to provide proof of active duty in the form of Active Duty orders, official Proof of Service letter, or letter from your unit commander. Active duty military ID cards are NOT accepted. You may send copies of your documentation directly to: School of Continuing and Professional Studies, 104 Midmont Lane, PO Box 400764, Charlottesville, VA 22904-4764 Attn: Student Accounts.  You may also email a scanned copy of your documentation to

Does the discounted Active Duty Military Tuition Rate apply regardless of Virginia state domicile requirements?

Yes, the $250 per credit tuition rate applies to all active duty military members enrolled as undergraduate students in SCPS undergraduate online classes regardless of their state residency or home of record.

Can I enroll in the Bachelor of Interdisciplinary Studies (BIS) or Bachelor of Professional Studies in Health Sciences Management (BPHM) programs full-time? 

The BIS and BPHM are part-time undergraduate degree programs.  If you wish to attend UVA as a full-time undergraduate student, you must apply through the UVA admissions process

How is my status certified to the Veterans Administration? 

The University of Virginia Veterans’ Affairs Coordinator provides certification to the Department of Veterans’ Affairs (VA) based on the number of credit hours in which a student is enrolled each semester.  The VA considers full-time enrollment in standard terms to be 12 credit hours or more; enrollment in 12 credit hours or greater as ‘full-time’; 9 credit hours as ¾ time; and 6 credit hours or less as part-time during the academic year (fall and spring semesters).  The VA converts credit earned during summer, J-term, and other non-standard terms to equivalent credit hours.  Your rate of pursuit will be converted by the VA.  Contact the Veterans’ Affairs Coordinator regarding summer terms.

Can I transfer Military credits into the program?

Student transcripts are evaluated on an individual basis by the staff in the program that the student is applying.  In general, credits that have been earned at an accredited institution are more likely to transfer.  Students need to submit official transcripts from all colleges and universities attended when applying.  Official digital transcripts may be sent by your institution or its clearinghouse to Official transcripts can also be sent directly to: School of Continuing and Professional Studies, Central Admissions, PO Box 401105, Charlottesville, VA 22904-4764.

I have a disability and may need assistance. Can I receive academic accommodations? 

Yes, any student with a disability enrolled through the School of Continuing and Professional Studies who needs accommodation (e.g., in arrangements for seating, extended time for examinations, or note-taking, etc.), should  contact the Student Disability Access Center and provide them with appropriate medical or psychological documentation of his/her condition. Once accommodation approvals are provided, it is the student’s responsibility to follow up with the instructor about logistics and implementation of accommodations.

I have been deployed, what are my options? 

If you would like to drop a class, students can use the self-service feature in the Student Information System (SIS) to drop a class.  However, if you are requesting a refund, you must also complete and submit the SCPS Drop/Refund Request Form.

Adds, Drops, Withdrawls, and Leaves of Absence 

If you are using veterans’ benefits, you must report withdrawals, adds, and drops to the Veterans’ Affairs Coordinator.  Please notify the Veterans’ Affairs Coordinator if you feel your withdrawal is the result of mitigating circumstances.  Mitigating circumstances are circumstances beyond the student's control that prevent the student from continuing in school or that cause the student to reduce credits.

If you would like to take a leave of absence, for either a semester or a year, from a SCPS degree program, you must apply for such leave by completing the “Leaving the University” form in the SIS Student Center and communicating with the program director/advisor or SCPS School Registrar.  In the comment section, please add that your reason for the leave is deployment.

Leaves of Absence are only submitted for degree programs.  Certificate program students are not asked to complete this form, as they ‘come and go’ based on availability of required classes being offered and/or home/work life conflicts.  Certificate program students may use the “Leaving the University” form to indicate they no longer plan to pursue the certificate.   

If you are leaving the University on a permanent basis, you would request a withdrawal which would mean that you are permanently discontinuing your association with UVA.  Discontinued participation in a class does not constitute a withdrawal from the class or the program.

The following actions DO NOT indicate withdrawal from the University:

  • Ceasing to attend a class
  • Notifying the instructor
  • Notifying the employer/sponsoring agency
  • Dropping through self-service in the SIS after classes begin without also completing the SCPS Drop/Refund Request Form