Bachelor of Professional Studies in Health Sciences Management FAQ

What is a BPHM Degree?

The Bachelor of Professional Studies in Health Sciences Management (BPHM) is an online program for working adults who want to advance into leadership roles in healthcare settings. The program serves students with a wide range of backgrounds including those who may have an allied healthcare associates degree in emergency medical services, medical laboratory technology, occupational and physical therapy assisting, radiography, respiratory therapy, or sonography.

The online program helps students develop foundational knowledge and strengthen skills that are essential in today's competitive and ever-evolving health care environment. These include analytical reasoning, critical thinking, effective communication, leadership, effective resource management, problem solving, and teamwork.

How long will it take me to complete this program?

Students generally enroll in 6 - 8 credits (2-3 courses) per semester and complete their degree requirements in 3-4 years. However, students may take longer, depending on their work-life balance, schedule, and credits needed to complete degree requirements. A maximum of 7 years (21 terms) is permitted.

Do I need to attend classes on UVA grounds to complete this program?

No, the entire degree can be completed online. Many courses are delivered in a synchronous format (evenings). Select asynchronous and face-to-face classes are also available. 

Do I need an allied healthcare background to apply to the BPHM program?

There are two pathways for admissions including one for those without an allied healthcare background. See admissions requirements.

Will I receive a UVA degree upon graduation?

The BPHM degree, awarded by the School of Continuing and Professional Studies, is one of several undergraduate degrees awarded by UVA at Final Exercises each year. 

What can I do with a BPHM degree after I graduate?

The BPHM degree positions graduates for career advancement or career transition in the area of healthcare management. Graduates might also pursue graduate or professional degrees in healthcare management, business, or education.