Ben Abitz

Ben Abitz

Instructor, Certified Financial Planning

Ben Abitz is the Director of Wealth Planning at TMRW Wealth. TMRW is a Greensboro, NC based wealth planning firm focused on serving business owners, corporate executives, wealthy families, and foundations.

Ben graduated Phi Beta Kappa from Ursinus College in Economics. Taking a less than traditional route, Ben coached college football at various levels early in his professional life. While coaching, Ben did make one trip to Charlottesville, suffering a loss at the hands of the Cavaliers. Upon transitioning careers, Ben knew financial planning was the best way to use his coach skills to guide people to long term success.

Ben is a proud financial nerd and closely follows legislative changes, and shifts in the tax, estate, and investment landscape. He has experience at various levels of the industry, beginning at a large Wirehouse/Investment Bank, with a focus on investment management. He then transitioned to a Family Office managing nearly $2 billion, where they specialized in advanced tax and estate planning techniques, including the alphabet soup of trusts, GRATs, CRUTs, ILITs, IDGTs etc. He now leads TMRW’s wealth planning that aims to go deeper and manage the intersection of all the financial planning areas for complex clients and client families.

Ben aims to meet students where they are, understanding that they come from various backgrounds. Some have been running their own RIA for years and have extensive planning experience, while others are career changers experiencing this material for the first time. Some are here simply for personal knowledge and growth. Ben works with each student to help them reach their goals and push them beyond.