FAQ - National Criminal Justice Command College

Are there prerequisites to apply for admission to the National Criminal Justice Command College?

A high school diploma or equivalent is needed to apply to the undergraduate certificate, and an undergraduate degree is required to apply to the graduate certificate. 

I’m not currently working in law enforcement, but am interested in changing careers. Am I eligible to apply to the certificate program?

You need to be in the field of law enforcement, security, corrections, criminal justice, or a related field to be admitted into the program. 

Are NCJCC classes offered online?

No.  All classes are face-to-face at the Virginia State Police Training Academy in Richmond, Virginia.

Will I receive Department of Criminal Justice Services (DCJS) credit?

Yes. You will receive 4 hours legal, 34 hours career development, and 2 hours cultural diversity for 40 total hours.

Can I transfer credit into this program from another institution?

Transfer courses are not accepted for this certificate program.  

Are lodging and meals included in the cost of the program?

Only lunch at the Academy is included. You will receive detailed information about lodging options upon registration.

Does UVA have a degree program that accepts these credits for transfer?

Yes, graduate-level credits may be applied to the elective requirements of the Master of Public Safety program.


* The information contained on this website is for informational purposes only. The Undergraduate Record and Graduate Record represent the official repository for academic program requirements.

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