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Cybersecurity Management Certificate

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The online Cybersecurity Management Certificate is ideal for cybersecurity professionals who want to move into leadership, managers who may soon be assigned cybersecurity duties, and career changers who seek entry-level and mid-level positions in the industry. You will learn the essential skills needed to identify cyber threats, devise appropriate defense strategies, develop policy, and plan and conduct assessments. You will also gain familiarity with the ethical, legal, and regulatory environment as it relates to operating in cyberspace.

Increase your qualifications for cybersecurity leadership roles, and join the UVA family for life.

Start DatesAugust, January, June
Estimated Cost$10,620 (same in-state and out-of-state)
Duration18 graduate credits / 6 courses/ 12 months on average
FormatPart-time: online
Next Application Deadline

November 1, 2020 for Spring 2021 term


The courses in our program are mapped to the National Cybersecurity Workforce Framework, as part of the National Initiative for Cybersecurity Careers and Studies. Our required courses focus on the Oversight andDevelopment category within the National Initiative for Cybersecurity Education (NICE) framework. Our elective courses allow students the flexibility to expand their knowledge of more technical content found within the Protect and DefendSecurely Provision or Investigate categories of the NICE framework based on their own backgrounds and interests. 

Required Courses (4)

BUS 5010  Cybersecurity Management 
Provides managers with the essential framework needed to design and develop an effective cybersecurity program. Explores methods used to raise general security awareness, review current industry practices, and develop expertise needed to adapt policies to achieve confidentiality, integrity, and availability of organizational assets and data. (Aligns with the NICE Framework Oversight & Development: Security Program Management)

BUS 5020  Security Policy Development & Assessment
Examines the steps required in policy development including password protection, acceptable use of organization information technology assets, risk acceptance, identification of  threats, countermeasures, intellectual property, proprietary information and privacy issues, compliance reporting, and escalation procedures. Discusses access controls, security standards, and policy implementation. (Aligns with the NICE Framework Oversight & Development: Strategic Planning & Policy Development)

BUS 5040  Creating & Conducting a Security Assessment
Reviews the essential components of a security assessment and explores how to integrate methodology with company needs. Covers the pitfalls connected with conducting a security assessment. Addresses how to create security assessment reports, identifying threats and vulnerabilities and managing organizational audits and compliance metrics. Case studies are used to illustrate course concepts. (Aligns with the NICE Framework Protect & Defend: Vulnerability Assessment & Management)

BUS 5100  Cyber Law, Regulation & Ethics
An overview of the ethical challenges in the information age and introduces the complex and dynamic state of the law as it applies to behavior in cyberspace. Topics include the legal pitfalls of doing business in an interconnected world and an introduction to the various organizations and materials that can be turned to for assistance in understanding how to ethically and legally provide services and operate modern computer-based systems and networks. (Aligns with the NICE Framework Oversight & Development: Legal Advice & Advocacy)

Elective Courses (select 2)

BUS 5030  Designing Dynamic Security Architecture
Explores the building blocks needed to implement security within the System Development Life-Cycle (SDLC). Focuses on how to analyze internal applications, computing platforms/network infrastructure, and corporate objectives with an eye toward designing flexible security architecture that is best suited for the enterprise. Studies in-depth defense techniques and how they are applied to optimize security architecture. (Aligns with the NICE Framework Securely Provision: Systems Security Architecture)

BUS 5050 Threat Assessment & Security Measures (Course not currently being offered)
Learn how to anticipate and respond to such threats using an arsenal of security tools, appliances, and devices including encryption, firewalls, intrusion detection systems, vulnerability assessment systems, single sign on, virtual private networks, and authentication systems. Includes implementing practical network security measures including the importance of hardening operating systems and critical applications to minimize vulnerabilities. (Aligns with the NICE Framework Protect & Defend: Incident Response)

BUS 5060 Understanding Technology Used in an Open Access Environment
Covers the technologies enabling the migration of computing applications, communications, and information to the cloud environment. Explores the technologies that facilitated back-end integration and front-end deployment. Reviews the information assurance challenges and popular solutions of cloud computing. Discusses communications concepts such as TCP/IP, ISP delivery channels, and wireless technology. (Aligns with the NICE Framework Securely Provision: Information Assurance Compliance)

BUS 5080  Understanding Cybercrime & Implementing Mitigating Countermeasures (Course not currently being offered)
Examines the ever changing and fast pace of technology in relation to cybercrimes and cyber terrorism. Explores the threats of cybercrime, bullying, and terrorism and the countermeasures used against such threats. Includes a review of current cyber policy issues in the public and private sectors. (Aligns with the NICE Framework Investigate: Digital Forensics)

BUS 5120 Securing the Internet of Things (Course not currently being offered)
Examines the security and ethical issues of smart devices known as the Internet of Things (IoT).  The IoT consists of smart devices that sense, anticipate, and respond to our needs as we manage them remotely. Explores IoT technology, security vulnerabilities and attacks, and mitigation controls. Assesses the health, safety, privacy, and economic impacts of IoT security events. (Aligns with the NICE Framework Protect & Defend: Vulnerability Assessment & Management)

BUS 6000  Applied Wireless Network Security
Provides students with practical, real-world experience with the various wireless network security core competencies. Specifically, the course provides the most popular hacking, cracking, and wireless security network analysis tools on a CD ROMM and trains students to use them to assess and secure wireless networks. (Aligns with the NICE Framework Protect & Defend: Vulnerability Assessment & Management)

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On average, students take two courses per term, including the summer, and take 12 months to complete the degree.
admission requirements

November 1, 2020 for Spring 2021 term

  • Bachelor’s degree
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$10,620 (same in-state and out-of-state)

  • This program is not eligible for financial aid
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* Additional fees may apply, including course materials. Tuition rates adjusted annually.
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* The information contained on this website is for informational purposes only. The Undergraduate Record and Graduate Record represent the official repository for academic program requirements.

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My own experience confirms my belief in the importance of education and lifelong learning. I know what it's like to take courses online and to make sacrifices to devote myself to my studies. But I also know the kind of opportunities education opens up.
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Angela Orebaugh

Certificate In Cyber Security Analysis
Certificate In Cyber Security Management
Certificate In Information Technology
Ph.D, George Mason University - Information Technology

Angela came to SCPS after over 20 years in the IT and computer science industries, starting her career as a database programmer and working her way up to a job as a fellow and chief scientist leading cybersecurity initiatives at Booz Allen Hamilton. She developed and launched the Certificate in Cybersecurity Analysis program in 2018.

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All the material we used was current...it provided the foundation I needed to begin building a career in cybersecurity.
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Justin Chik


Builds career in cybersecurity
Justin Chik knew that UVA would offer the high-quality education that he wanted to expand his skills in Cyber Security Management. Instructors in the online program provided timely and relevant material, with expert guest speakers and hands-on experiences.

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