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Summer 2022

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HR 5030: Strategic Compensation    
Online Asynchronous | Available May 23- July 29
Explores strategic choices in managing compensation through a pay model that is based upon the foundational policy decisions of the compensation system, the means of compensation, and the objectives of the compensation. Includes strategic perspectives, internal consistency, external competitiveness, employee contributions, and administration of the pay system efficiently, equitably, and in compliance with the law.
Nicole Runyon | 3 GR credits | Required

HR 5115: Diversity, Equity, Inclusion  
Online Asynchronous | Available May 23-Aug 1
Focuses on issues, challenges, and subtle dynamics that operate in cross-cultural organizations for which students learn to build functional and effective workplace relationships. Participants will learn to manage diversity as an asset to sustainable competitive advantage to achieve the strategic goals of the organization. A framework for the strategic management of diversity, equity, and inclusion will also be developed and discussed.
Stephen Oliver | 3 GR credits | Elective

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