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The undergraduate Information Technology Certificate online is designed for liberal arts graduates, career changers, and other professionals moving into entry-level and mid-level positions as systems and business analysts, web design and application developers, technical sales and marketing professionals, quality assurance experts, and consultants.


Advance your career in the field of information technology, and join the UVA family for life.

Key Takeaways
  • Gain essential information technology training in a flexible online program

Review the Annual Course Schedule to determine which classes are typically offered in the fall, spring, and summer terms.

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Required Courses (5)
IT 3220 Strategic Business Value of Information Technology

Focuses on how to assess the value of IT investments and align technical strategies with business strategies. Introduces Porter's Five Forces Model, the value chain, technology payoff metrics, and risk analysis. Explores ways to leverage disruptive technologies for competitive advantage.

IT 3230 Basics of Web Design

Master the basics of website construction, design, and maintenance using XHMTL and CSS. The course provides an overview of aesthetic, business, and technical website design concepts. Attention is also given to the underlying concepts of website design such as navigation for websites, usability, accessibility issues, and the process of putting a completed website online. 

IT 3240 Enterprise Systems Architecture & Design

Applies common frameworks and methodologies to the examination of enterprise system architecture needs. Includes coverage of the systems development life cycle and the methodologies in use characterized by their varying degrees of iteration, structure, and user involvement. Emphasizes analytical and design concepts and related tools such as use cases and Unified Modeling Language.

IT 3400 Database Management & Business Intelligence/Analytics

Learn and apply the fundamentals of relational database modeling and database management systems technology in the development of business information systems. Encompasses entity/relationship diagrams, relational theory, normalization, integrity constraints, the Structured Query Language (SQL), and physical and logical design. Students will also be exposed to core concepts and tools associated with data warehousing. 

IT 4400 Web Application Development - Building Dynamic Websites

This course serves as a capstone course to be taken after all other required courses in the program. Using a project-based approach, students will develop web applications using the PHP scripting language and MySQL databases. Topics include PHP scripting, data-driven interactivity, writing secure PHP programs, and code frameworks.  

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Elective Courses (Select 1)
IT 3210 Programming with Java

Studies key structures, concepts, and applications needed to write programs with Java, an object-oriented programming language used for developing user interfaces on the web.

IT 3350 Agile Project Management

Introduces the principles of Agile Project Management and covers the frameworks and practices used by agile teams. Explores innovative ways of gathering requirements, estimation, release planning, performance metrics, and scaling with the Agile Manifesto in mind. Emphasizes software development while applying the principles to any type of project.

SEC 3010 Securing the Cyber World

Provides a global perspective on cybersecurity and the impact of cyber threats. Addresses a variety of topics that are all part of the cyber ecosystem, to include current threat trends, defense in-depth techniques, attack case studies, risk management, disaster recovery, security policy, and awareness training. Examines current best practices, compliance requirements, and evolving security architectures.

IT 3600 Data Analytics & Decision-Making

Introduces analytics process from question formulation to data gathering, processing, and decision making; highlights and explores differences among methods using large data sets + case studies from various industries to illustrate and understand concepts. Utilizes statistical software; applies analytical methods through exercises, case study examination, and final project. Prereq: Foundational knowledge of statistics or instructor permission


The information contained on this web site is for informational purposes only. The Undergraduate Record and Graduate Record represent the official repository for academic program requirements.

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Start Dates: August, January, May

Duration: On average, students take one to two courses per term, including the summer, to complete the certificate in 18 months. (18 undergraduate credits / 6 courses)

Format: Part-time: online

Admission Requirements


Fall: July 1
Spring: November 1
Summer: April 1

  • High school diploma or equivalent

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$8,784  (same in-state and out-of-state)

  • This program is not eligible for financial aid

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* Additional fees may apply, including course materials. Tuition rates adjusted annually.