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How many courses per semester may I take?

We do not have any limits on the number of courses that a student may take each semester.  However, we recommend students with full-time work schedules take no more than two courses per semester.

Is there any particular course sequence I should follow?

While the courses in the Certificate in Leadership are structured primarily in a way that provides maximum flexibility to allow students to start any term, it is recommended that students begin by taking PSLP 5300 Foundations of Leadership. It is also ideal to begin by taking the required courses before the electives.

Are all of the courses in the graduate Certificate in Leadership offered online?


Can I enroll in just a few courses? I’m not interested in applying to and earning the certificate.


Can I take courses before applying for admission to the program?

Individuals must apply to and be offered admission to earn a certificate. A maximum of two courses that will count towards satisfying the requirements for the certificate may be taken at SCPS prior to admission. 

Can I transfer credit into this program from another institution?

Individuals can transfer one course for academic credit from a regionally accredited college or university. The transfer course will count towards one elective course in the certificate program, and must have been taken within the last three years. Transfer courses are not accepted for required courses in the certificate. Official transcripts and course syllabus are required for an analysis of the content, level, and comparability of the transfer course, as well as the quality of the student’s performance with a grade of B- or better.  Official transcripts with a request for transfer of credits can be sent to [email protected] or School of Continuing and Professional Studies, 104 Midmont Lane, PO Box 400764, Charlottesville, VA 22904-4764 Attn: Admission Services 

What grades must I earn to be awarded the certificate?

Students must earn a B- or better in all courses required for the certificate to be awarded. Should a grade fall below a B-, the student has the option of retaking the course in order to complete the requirements and be awarded the certificate.

Do I need to choose a focus area?

Students are not required to choose a focus area. They may do so if they choose, and take two of their electives from one focus area. This focus area will not be reflected on the official transcript. Students may also elect to take electives from two of the focus areas.

Does this program lead to a degree program?

The graduate Certificate in Leadership is designed to be a stand-alone certificate program. Students interested in pursuing a graduate degree are encouraged to contact the institutions offering graduate degrees for their specific policies on the acceptance of transfer credit.

What type of job can I get with a graduate Certificate in Leadership?

A graduate Certificate in Leadership can help prepare you for a job in the private or public sector in government at the federal, state, or local level, as well as the nonprofit sector and higher education. It can also help you enhance your skills for career transition or advancement.


The information contained on this web site is for informational purposes only. The Undergraduate Record and Graduate Record represent the official repository for academic program requirements.

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