Pre-Admission Transfer Credit Evaluation

Ready to Apply? 

We are eager to help you determine if the Bachelor of Interdisciplinary Studies (BIS), Bachelor of Professional Studies in Health Sciences Management (BPHM), or Enlighten program is the right fit and to guide you through the application process. We encourage you to first review the Curriculum and Admission Requirements, which you will find on the program pages. 

How to Request a Preliminary Transfer Credit Evaluation

A transfer credit evaluation will help ensure you have sufficient transferable course work to be considered for admission and give you personalized feedback on what to expect in the transfer process. Complete the form below to upload your unofficial transcripts and briefly tell us about your particular interests. Please ensure transcripts do not include any personal, highly sensitive data, such as a Social Security Number (SSN). Remove or obscure any of this sensitive data before uploading. 

We will review your transcripts and provide feedback to help you assess your readiness to apply and your path through the degree. If we determine that you need to complete additional course work, we can advise you about course selection and help you map out a timeline for applying. 

Useful Resources

Our BIS Transcript Evaluation Guide and BPHM Transcript Evaluation Guide provide a framework to illustrate the kinds of courses required to fulfill BIS or BPHM transfer requirements. Use these guides as a worksheet to determine which of the courses you have already taken might meet the requirements, as well as those courses you still need to take to acquire the required transferable credits and satisfy general education requirements.

If you have questions throughout this process, email

Admission Deadlines

May 15          Fall Admission
November 1  Spring Admission