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Current Term Classes - Procurement & Contracts Management (Graduate)


Spring 2021

Class registration opens on December 18.

The School of Continuing and Professional Studies may cancel, modify, or make substitutions for any published class or program, may change instructors, and may change the dates and times a class is offered. The information published here and in the catalog is subject to change.  For the most up-to-date and complete information, please use the SIS Class Search.  

PC 5010: Procurement Policy & Practices               
Online Asynchronous | Available Feb 1 - May 6 
Covers all subchapters of the Federal Acquisition Regulation (FAR), providing an intensive review of practical technical, business and contractual issues that the government deals with in establishing and managing a federal contract. Topics include acquisition process, governmental acquisition plans, inspection and termination as well as some of the basics necessary for contracts and acquisition personnel.
Kenneth Buck | 3 GR credits | Required

PC 5060: Fed Acquisition Case Studies   
Online Asynchronous | Available Feb 1 - May 6 
Provides a basic understanding of the laws and regulations that apply to federal government contracting. Analyzes case studies dealing with federal contracting. Emphasizes ethical considerations, as well as the current and anticipated regulations and policies affecting federal procurement. Prerequisite: PC 5010.
James Rich | 3 GR credits | Required

PC 5100: Advanced Contracting by Negotiation       
Online Asynchronous | Available Feb 1 - May 6 
Provides a detailed explanation of contracting by the negotiation method as provided in the current Federal Acquisition Regulation (FAR) Part 15. Reviews the policy and procedures in contracting by negotiation. Prerequisite: PC 5010.
John Ford | 3 GR credits | Required

PC 5200: Advanced Subcontract Management    
Online Asynchronous | Available Feb 1 - May 6 
Designed to cover the technical, business, and contractual issues surrounding subcontract management from both the prime contractor and subcontractor perspectives. Intended for both commercial and federal students. Covers the entire subcontract relationship from initiation through termination.
Gladis Griffith | 3 GR credits | Elective

PSPM 5030: Introduction to Project Management
Online Asynchronous | Available Feb 1 – May 6
Introduces students to the various aspects of the project life cycle and project management. Explores best practices and the application of these best practices for project success.
Edward Kropp | 3 GR credits | Elective 

*Asynchronous online courses at SCPS can sometimes include synchronous sessions. Instructors can require attendance for these sessions the dates are listed. For synchronous class sessions whose dates are listed, attendance is strongly encouraged. These sessions can be recorded for students who are unable to attend.

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Faculty Spotlight

I’m proud to be part of an organization that recognizes veterans and the sacrifices they have made.
A photograph of John McCarthy

John McCarthy


John comes to SCPS after serving as a naval officer and naval reserve officer on active duty, during which time he worked in the Naval Explosive Ordnance Disposal Technology Division and the Technical Support Detachment (TSD) investigating, exploiting, and attacking IED manufacturing networks in Iraq and Afghanistan. He draws on his military experience as well as 16 years in private industry to lead instruction on leadership, management, communication, and team development.

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