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Prepare for Project Management Certification
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Fall 2021

Class registration opens on August 11 (may be subject to change). 

The School of Continuing and Professional Studies may cancel, modify, or make substitutions for any published class or program, may change instructors, and may change the dates and times a class is offered. The information published here and in the catalog is subject to change.  For the most up-to-date and complete information, please use the SIS Class Search.

PSPM 5030: Intro to Project Management   
Online Asynchronous | Available Aug 24-Dec 7
Introduces students to the various aspects of the project life cycle and project management. Explores best practices and the application of these best practices for project success.
Edward Kropp | 3 GR credits |Required 

PSPM 5200: Project Schedule, Cost, and Budget Control
Online Asynchronous | Available Aug 24-Dec 7    
Introduces students to a variety of project scheduling and cost control techniques that are vital for a project to meet its schedule and cost goals and objectives. Concentrates on the variety of scheduling techniques (Gantt Chart, Critical Path Method, and Program Evaluation Review Technique) that can be used to guide and monitor project performance. Activities that are critical in preparing a realistic schedule are explored, discussed, and practiced. Students are then introduced to a variety of budgeting, cost estimating, and cost control techniques.
William Yates | 3 GR credits |Required

PSPM 5230: Project Management: Leadership and Managing the Project Team   
Online Asynchronous | Available Aug 24-Dec 7    
Analyzes the difference between leadership and management in the project management environment. Evaluates the role of the project manager as team leader, and reviews the application of various leadership and management techniques to project management.
Michael Powers | 3 GR credits |Required

PC 5010: Procurement Policy & Practices              
Online Asynchronous | Available Aug 24-Dec 7    
Covers all subchapters of the Federal Acquisition Regulation (FAR), providing an intensive review of practical technical, business and contractual issues that the government deals with in establishing and managing a federal contract. Topics include acquisition process, governmental acquisition plans, inspection and termination as well as some of the basics necessary for contracts and acquisition personnel.
Kenneth Buck | 3 GR credits |Elective

PSLP 5300: Foundations of Leadership  
Online Asynchronous | Available Aug 24-Oct 31  
Introduces students to various styles and theories of leadership.  Through self-assessment and guided inquiry, students examine and create their own unique style of leadership.   Students will develop approaches to adapt and modify leadership styles to various situations and individual personalities to influence organizational outcomes.
Peter Ronayne | 3 GR credits |Elective

PSLP 5320: Organizational Leadership  
Online Asynchronous | Available Sep 27-Dec 5    
Focuses on the challenging role of leaders in today's complex organizations.  Identifies ways to adapt the organizational structures, policies, and management workforce to enhance competitive advantage.  Topics include change management, organizational dynamics, and crisis management.  Upon completion of the course students will be able to assess risk, perform root cause analysis, and employ effective decision-making processes.
Michael Powers | 3 GR credits |Elective

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*Asynchronous online courses at SCPS can sometimes include synchronous sessions. Instructors can require attendance for these sessions the dates are listed. For synchronous class sessions whose dates are listed, attendance is strongly encouraged. These sessions can be recorded for students who are unable to attend.

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