Refund Policy

Course Registration: Your registration for a course commits you to payment of the charges associated with enrollment (tuition and fees). You will not be automatically dropped from a course due to a lack of attendance/participation. If you do not drop a course and do not attend/participate, you will be responsible for all applicable tuition and fees and will receive a failing grade in the course. Any charges that remain unpaid after one year will be sent to a collections agency. If you enroll in the course and decide to drop, you will be charged according to the refund schedule below. 

Refunds are determined and processed by SCPS in accordance with the following policies and schedules:

  • Tuition and fees are refunded according to the applicable schedules listed below.
  • Fees charged by the processor of credit card transactions, currently Nelnet, are not University fees and are not refundable.
  • If payment is made by check, there is a 10-day waiting period after the check is posted before a refund can be processed.
  • In the event that SCPS issues a refund in error, it reserves the right to reclaim such funds.
  • Refunds are computed based on the date and time requests are received by SCPS.

Refund Schedules

SCPS Credit & Noncredit Classes, including Web-Based (Online) & Classroom/Internet (Hybrid or Blended) Classes

Drop & Withdraw Timeframe* % of Refund  % Charged Grade
Before second class meeting 100% 0% No grade recorded
After second class but before third class 80% 20% W
After third class 0% 100% W

If the class start date has already passed, you must submit a Drop/Refund Request Form instead of using the SIS self-service feature to drop the course.

*Asynchronous Classes: If the class is listed as asynchronous in SIS, then the first class meeting will be considered the first day of class.

Undergraduate Degrees, Post Bacc Pre-Med, Community Scholar

Approved refunds are based on the following schedules:

The refund schedule for classes offered during the Fall and Spring for the School's degrees, Post Bacc Pre-Med Program, and Community Scholar is governed by the University’s refund schedule.

The refund schedule for classes offered during the Summer for the School's undergraduate degrees, Post Bacc Pre-Med Program, and Community Scholar is governed by Summer Session.


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