Annual Course Schedule - BIS

The Bachelor of Interdisciplinary Studies (BIS) degree is completed on average in 3-4 years by enrolling in 2 courses per term (assuming 60 transferable credits at admission). Since course loads are flexible, time to completion varies. The annual schedule, which includes Fall, Spring and Summer courses, is provided for general informational purposes and is subject to change. Please note that SCPS may cancel, modify, or make substitutions as deemed necessary in any given semester.

*3000-level ISLS, ISIN 4510, ISIN 4520, ISCP 3991 (Capstone 1) and ISCP 4991 (Capstone II), concentration courses, ISSS and ISHU electives offered every semester.

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Spring Sample Schedule
ISBU 3710 Managerial Finance
ISBU/ISSS 3880 Data Analytics and Decision Making
ISBU/ISSS 3887 Educational Technology in the Information Age
ISBU/ISSS 4670 Organizational Change and Development
ISCP 3991 Capstone I
ISCP 4991 Capstone II
ISHU 3180 Roots and Stems of Effective Writing
ISHU 3624 Visual Cultural and Aesthetics: The Practice of Seeing
ISIN 4510 The Atlantic World
ISIN 4520 Renaissance to Radical Islam
ISLS 3000 Transformations: Reading, Thinking and Communicating in the Liberal Arts
ISLS 3010 Nationalism and National Identity
ISLS 3020 Critical Thinking: Why Do We Believe the Things We Do?
ISSS 3170 The Bill of Rights in the 21st Century
ISSS 3401 Smart Cities Enabling Sustainability
ISSS 3710 The American Presidency
ISSS 4060 War and World Politics
ISSS 4131 Mental Health Disorders of Modern Society
IT 3220 Strategic Business Value of Information Technology
IT 3240 Enterprise Systems Architecture and Design
IT 4400 Web Application Development-Building Dynamic Websites
PSHM 4300 Introduction to Population Health: Programs, Policy & Epidemiology
PSHM 4700 Economics and Finance in Health Care
SEC 3010 Securing the Cyber World
SEC 3020 Cybersecurity Policy, Law, and Ethics
SEC 3040 Writing and Communications in a Technical Field
SEC 4020 Mobile Security and Forensics
Fall Sample Schedule
ISBU 3610 Organizational Behavior
ISCP 3991 Capstone I
ISCP 4991 Capstone II
ISHU 3301 Introduction to Film
ISIN 4510 Historical Study of Empire
ISIN 4520 Writing for Your Life
ISLS 3000 Transformations: Reading, Thinking and Communicating in the Liberal Arts
ISLS 3211 Russian Politics
ISLS 3300 The Poet in Society
ISLS 3610 Italian Renaissance
ISLS 3780 An Examination of the Criminal Justice System
ISSS 3416 Social Psychology in the Modern World
ISSS 3420 Human Thought and Behavior
ISSS 4010 The Second World War
ISSS 4290 An Alternative History of Early America
IT 3220 Strategic Business Values of Information Technology
IT 3350 Agile Project Management
IT 3400 Database Management and Business Intelligence/Analytics
PSHM 3010 Introduction to Health Care Management: Applying the Concepts to Practice
PSHM 3050 Current Issues in Health Care
PSHM 4052 Global Health Care
PSHM 4600 Service Excellence in Health Care: Quality Improvement & Customer Service
PSHM 4650 American Health Care: Challenges and Opportunities
PSHM 4750 Organizational Behavior and Leadership in Health Care
Summer Sample Schedule
ISBU 3410 Commercial Law
ISBU/ISSS 3422 Managing Your Emotions in the Workplace
ISCP 3991 Capstone I
ISCP 4991 Capstone II
ISHU/ISSS 3453 Food for Thought: An Exploration of the Way We Eat
ISHU 3500 Photography as Art
ISHU 4010 Art in Society: Myth, Music Merriment
ISHU/ISSS 4063 Hell’s Angel: How Hunter Thompson Kept Us Honest
ISHU 4350 The Films of Stanley Kubrick
ISIN 4510 The Atlantic World
ISIN 4520 Art in Society
ISLS 3150 Genocide: Origins, Prevention, Punishment
ISLS 3250 The Notion of Heft and Home
ISSS 3440 Gender in Society
ISSS 4300 America in the 1960’s: A Decade of Turbulence
ISSS 4454 Emotion, Emotional Intelligence and Meditation

* The information contained on this website is for informational purposes only. The Undergraduate Record and Graduate Record represent the official repository for academic program requirements.

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