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The Art and Society concentration is designed for students interested in visual and performing arts and the role of cultural production in society. The concentration will prepare students for work in a variety of fields, such as museum or gallery work, design, media, education, or cultural production. It is also appealing to students who plan to pursue graduate study in the arts or humanities.

Those focusing in the concentration complete 18 credits of concentration courses from an approved list. Students are also required to take two ISLS courses and ISIN 4510 Special Topics in Conduct of Inquiry: Social Sciences and ISIN 4520 Special Topics in the Conduct of Inquiry: Humanities, 24 credits of degree electives, Capstone I and Capstone II.

Degree elective courses must be outside of the Art and Society Concentration. These vary by semester and may include courses in disciplines such as anthropology, business, classics, drama, economics, history, information technology, music, philosophy, politics, religion, and sociology.  

For more information please reach out to a recruitment coordinator. Call us at 800.346.3882 or email [email protected]

BIS in Art and Society Courses:

  • ISHU 3457 Global Architecture
  • ISHU 3500 Photography as Art
  • ISHU 3621 The Biological Basis for Art
  • ISHU 3623 Studio Art Seminar: Painting
  • ISHU 3624 Visual Culture and Aesthetics: the Practice of Seeing
  • ISHU 3626 Studio Art Seminar: Sculpture
  • ISHU 4130 Film Noir
  • ISHU 4161 Art Historical Fictions: Historical Art in Recent film and Fiction
  • ISHU 4165 American Directors
  • ISHU 4311 History of Art Controversies in the United States
  • ISHU 4350 The Films of Stanley Kubrick
  • ISIN 4520 Art in the Ring of Fire (Pacific Rim)
  • ISLS 3610 Renaissance Art
  • ISLS 3620 Ritual and Becoming in the Arts of Africa
  • ISSS 3200 Britain and Its Empire: Art, Media, and Other Cultural Forms


* The information contained on this website is for informational purposes only. The Undergraduate Record and Graduate Record represent the official repository for academic program requirements.

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