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The concentration in information technology (IT) includes 18 credits comprised of five required IT courses and one required elective IT course. The concentration is designed to provide new educational and employment opportunities for adult learners seeking to complete their undergraduate degree with a liberal arts education and a professional focus in IT. Courses develop students’ foundational knowledge and skills in information technology.

Students in the IT concentration are also required to take two ISLS courses and two 4000-level ISIN Special Topics in the Conduct of Inquiry (one in Humanities, and one in Social Sciences) courses. Apply now!

Required IT Courses

  • IT 3220 Strategic Business Value of Information Technology
  • IT 3230 Basics of Web Design
  • IT 3240 Enterprise Systems Architecture and Design
  • IT 3400 Database Management and Business Intelligence/Analytics
  • IT 4400 Web Application Development – Building Dynamic Websites

Elective IT Courses

  • IT 3210 Programming with Java
  • IT 3350 Agile Project Management
  • IT 3600 Business Analytics for Decision Making
  • SEC 3010 Securing the Cyber World

Students in the IT concentration are also required to take 24 credits of degree electives outside of IT courses. These vary by semester and may include courses in disciplines such as anthropology, art, art history, architectural history, classics, drama, economics, history, literature, music, philosophy, politics, religion, and sociology. 

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* The information contained on this website is for informational purposes only. The Undergraduate Record and Graduate Record represent the official repository for academic program requirements.

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